Princess Decree

What’s up slutdogs? Man today was a busy day in Princess-land. I got up relatively early for Me, so I logged in for a bit to see what kind of morning/ early afternoon fishies I could catch. you losers came in droves, though not all of them put a smile on My face. I’m definitely going to have to make a PRINCESS’ RULES page because you guys just don’t get it. So let’s go over some of My pet peeves right now.

what drives Me absolutely insane with anger: Don’t call Me unless you have read and understand My page. Don’t call thinking I’m going to get you off by sucking your pathetic dick. Don’t cry when I make fun of what a pathetic fucktard you are. you are one, or you wouldn’t be calling Me. Which brings Me to another point. I do domination only. I don’t have listings in vanilla or straight up sex sections for a reason. I don’t want to fuck you d-bags. I want to fuck men that can go out in real life and get a girl like Me. I will never ever pretend that you could ever have Me. Ok, let’s see.. what else? oh yes! BIG ONE: Don’t tell Me what to do. ever. If you want to play one of My games, don’t bitch about how it’s done. Don’t bitch about the quality of My pictures becuase they’re not all going to be perfect airbrushed ones. I don’t have a whole ton of professionally done, porny pics. Most of them were done with My friends behind the lens or an ex or something. Did I mention? Don’t ask Me to meet. I won’t do it. Won’t fucking ever do it.

OK! Now that that’s out of the way, I should notice that the one person that fucking pissed Me off yesterday issued a heartfelt reply and I think that we are on our way to a better understanding. I have enjoyed dicking around with you fucking freaks though. Even had an ignore loser today. Well, gotta go freakshows. toeprint is a’calling!

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