My new BFF Jess

Wow, back so soon, I know! I wanted to drop an entry though about My favorite homegirl, Jess. We actually met through toeprint and teamed up to work him over good. Seriously, every girl needs a bff like this chick. She brings out the bitch in Me even more, if that’s possible. We have a ton of stuff in common: We both really have perfect feet and toes. We’re both thin with amazing tits (I have a D and she has a full C). We’re both absolutely stellar bitches. We hit it off right away and we set up a few things.

First: I made him match Her every dollar he sent Me.
Second: We teased and tormented him, tricking him with blacked out pics, fake loser pics, and more. And of course he fell for it every time. hahahha!!
Third: We shopped online together, ignoring him!
Fourth: We are gonna exchange thongs!!!! SO FUCKING HOT.

Jess is a size 6 shoe, her favorite nail polish is blood red, and she was a cheerleader senior year of HS and weighed 103 lbs. Why wouldn’t I love her? Together we took toe print for around $9k in a few days. haha. And it made us smile soooo big. And he knows if he doesn’t do what we say that the suit’s gonna happen! ‘oh, did i forget to mention? jess and me came up with a sexual harassment lawsuit that we’ll hit toeprint with if he doesnt keep paying. oops!

So look at this pic we made, and eat your heart out losers.

financial domination

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