Princess’ Shopping Addiction

Hey whoreballs! I took a good part of yesterday during the day off. Wanna know why? SHOPPING. I need at least one shopping trip a week to keep My sanity. This time it was picking up a few cute essentials for the summer. Went down and tried on a few cute things. It was definitely therapy! I was up late last night too, picked up a new slave to My perfect body. *slavemarky* who has fallen in love with the sexy pics I keep giving him and has submitted his questionaire to serve. I was impressed with his answers and his choice of fetishes. Actually, I received applications from FOUR potential slaves today. I think I will probably take on two of them at the most for full-time servitude. I am about to open My sissy slot up if Sissy Krissy doesn’t contact Me soon. If you are a sissy and would like to be considered in waiting for that position, then by all means, mail Me on Niteflirt and let Me know.

So back to slavemarky, MAN OH MAN what a great time I’ve had with him lately. he’s bought so many of My pictures, all of his favorite triggers like fishnets, jean skirts, etc and each time he saves one to his computer, he has to say a prayer to Me. It’s amazing. I’m going to be putting him on a stroke schedule (it’s been 2 weeks since he came!) and I’ll deny him until I see fit! he’s going to be serving Me in the manner that I do desire. Speaking of things that I desire …

What I don’t desire is fuckholes who think that domination is some sort of fun game. I already covered things that annoy Me but a few others to add to that list are things like: don’t request shit that’s against Niteflirt Terms of Service. I won’t do it, because it’s against the Terms of Service. And because I don’t fucking want to. Too bad if it’s something you reeeally want. It is what it is. And when I won’t do it, don’t fucking leave bad feedback because you whined and laughed the whole time at everything else. like I FUCKING TOLD YOU sandrasslaveloser, this is not a game for Me. This is real life. you are doing a disservice to all the lifestyle losers and Mistresses out here that live this every day. And you called Me a stupid kid? If there is any justice in the world your dick will explode into a thousand pieces. When I learn magic, that’s the first thing I’ll do, believe Me.

Other than that, things are status quo around here. Pulled another fast $100 out of toeprint the other day, when he came crawling back to hear more about what Me and Jess had been talking about. man, what a sucker!! So I’m gonna go own some bitches, smell ya later 🙂

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