See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya

So I know you are intrigued about My tag team partner Jess. No, she’s not a Niteflirt chick. She’s this hottie I met online. Through toeprint. Speaking of toeprint, he fucked around and got himself addicted and fooled again, to the tune about $1000 for both of us.

Are you worried about the title? Think your beautiful Princess is leaving already? well, I am… but only for the weekend. I am going down to Florida for a mini-vacation on silly toeprint’s dime. In fact, I’m gonna bring a pair of last year’s shoes and wear them out just so he’ll buy them, along with one of My bikinis I wear in the sun. Sometimes, it’s so wonderful to be Me. Hell.. all times, it’s wonderful to be Me.

This weekend Me and one of My besties will be down in beautiful sunny Florida, sunning it up and playing like We always do. I absolutely love travelling with My amazing girlfriends. We always get into something amazing and I’m sure I’ll have some awesome stories to tell. In the meanwhile, visit Domination Central a.k.a. My Niteflirt Page, and buy My new Video. I have a couple more to release .. slowly, very slowly, haha. Wanna make you losers wait.

I will be available for calls off and on during the weekend, as I’ll have My laptop and blackberry with Me. It will be on My time though, and not a whole lot. I won’t have much of an arsenal of photographs available either, so cheerzy, I’m gonna prepare a couple packs to send to you before I go, just so you will stay busy.

Until I get back, keep it hard, and keep it pathetic, because that’s what makes you $pend!!


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