Amelia and Jess at work again hahha

It’s Meee again haha… been chatting with Jess online tonight, who is in the bahamas having a blast and using men. She hasn’t paid for a thing there, and why would She? I didn’t in Florida, and neither should She. She also sent Me some bangin’ shots of Her feet. I mean damn… if I were a toe person I would -definitely- be all over those, hahaha.

We talked about toeprint and how he’d been stalking Her lately. Was pretty funny since he was all over My im’s telling Me I couldn’t get Her online? She came on for Me right away and he was blocked while We chatted. I actually had a pretty good time, lookin’ at Her sexy bahamas pictures and showing her all Mine from Florida the couple weekends ago I went. I also told Her about moving to Atlanta later this summer. Oh, did I not mention that yet? Yeah.. I’m moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer. Going to take that city by storm, so I’m going to be adding a lot of new stuff to My Amazon Wish List to help Me move into the lap of luxury, and you losers are gonna be funding My move 100%.

Anyway, now that that’s said … we’re gonna pluck some more cash from toe print with the tease of our sexy toes. See ya!

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