Cash Rape Prince$$ at it again

I LOVE Cash Rape days. I had a new little piggie … I like to call him speedy gonzo who came up on My radar a few days ago. I didn’t really think he was going to be worth My time because he put up a little bit of a fight, but lo and behold, AMAZON fulfilled big time. Got some great stuff to go towards “Amelia Takes Over Atlanta” coming this summer. And he spewed a few novels about his opinions on cash rape (Didn’t care) but every time I told him how excited and what a rush I got, he just wanted to spend more. I like those ambitious fucks that make promises I have to hold them to. Then to top it all off, he got a picture of My beautiful ass to worship. Heaven, I’d say.

This is what I like to do with My time. Shop. Tomorrow I am going on a shopping trip with My friend Claudia and then we are gonna hit some clubs. I feel like maybe hitting up some cash bandits, so we might hang around VooDoo’s at Harrah’s. Not for sure though, who knows. Definitely galleria and PF Changs beforehand though. I will probably have My blackberry on with the yahoo running for all night long Cash Rape, oh yeah… I love it so much. I love each type of domination I get to practice on you fucks. But My atm slaves, My cash losers, and My pay piggies will always have My favor.

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