pedicure day

Hey sluts and bitches! went today to get a hot new pedi. Went for a really cute rust color because of the new bikini I got with toeprint’s cash. Jess will be proud when she comes back from le vacation! hah.

What do you think, losers? really cute, right? So let’s see, this weekend has been pretty busy. Had some absolute fucking IDIOTS (and not in the idiot ways that I usually like) and then good ole victim came back (or as he’s been aptly renamed, piece of shit). Called Me and told Me he was about to go to the store to get stuff for a fun-filled night. That’s where we are now. I’m also talking to a new potential findom slave that will make Me very happy.

Gonna be around off and on all night, doing stuff on the computer and what-not. So expect firm rapings.

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