Princess Decree: Vacation Time

First a little order of business: I will be on vacation starting Monday, June 29. I will return late in the evening on Friday, July 3. I will be available off and on for calls, but access to mail will be slow, and I will be on a laptop without most of My beloved photo stashes. I will respond to mails as I can.

Now that that’s over with … My slave marky, My favorite little british whipping boy came crawling around today. off to the post with 300 pounds for Me, and a few nice calls and a LOOOOT of whipping and stroking. See, marky came with his wife about a week ago, and even though I told him to ruin it, and he did, I am still annoyed that the weakling came. He is My strict orgasm denial slave and My whipping boy and My stroking whore. I say when he can cum (and it is never, ever, ever).

I’m going to be giving him a worship package in the next day or so. in the meanwhile, enjoy looking at Me with his cash!

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