Princess Happenings

Diamond Princess
I make ’em bust quick
Man I back it up
Like a Mack truck
Don’t talk about it boy
Be about it boy
I got them girls boy
Turn out your girls boy

This is My freak nasty get up and dance song lately. I know it’s a year or so old but I don’t care. And also boys, if you ever wanted to know what kind of guys I actually like to spend time with? This is one guy right here that could get into My panties for sure. (I love guys with short hair or bald) I totally have this song on repeat today while I’m getting business done. In the middle of writing this entry I had a wonderful distraction by My sailor boy, calling to spend some time with Me before he went shopping (man after My own heart, I tell you) and let Me just say that if you want to learn how to properly spoil a Princess, this guy wrote the book.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I had to block victim piece of shit loser fuckhole asswipe for good. He did not take heed to My rules and regulations on this website, even though I gave him a warning that he needed to re-read and understand them. he couldn’t even handle that, so away he goes. Fucker. let this be a lesson to the rest of you, I mean what I say when I say it. Fuck up, and you will find yourself gone, banished, forever. I don’t give second chances.

Today is Thursday, and I will be here all day until the wee bit hours, and then tomorrow My availability will be a bit sketchy. I’ll probably dinner and a movie with some friends of Mine, then come back in the evening time to give you guys the abuse you crave hehe. I love being Me!

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