Princess is Amazingly Happy!

Today, My happiness came in threefold.

First off, during the day today, hypno slave k actually was brainwashed enough to buy the gucci sunglasses off My wish list on Amazon, then tributed 250. He then called later in the evening, hit My 50 dollars for instant orgasmic release. being a Goddess is fun!

Then, I spent hours with the most amazing sailor boy. He is such a sweetie and spoiled Me just like a Princess deserves. This is gonna be an amazing month!

Then slave marky came back, whipping himself with nettle leaves and being hypnoed for the first time. Four weeks, no orgasm. I told him I might let him ruin it one day, but today is not the day. Now he’s off to the post and then he’s coming back to do a major big rain dance, naked in the rain, with plenty of beating and stroking. I am a cruel Mistress, and I am his true religion. he loves it.

I’m off to bed now, dreaming of all of marky’s pounds! hahaha!

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