Wednesday Afternoon Princess Ramblings

Hello, sluts, bitches, and freakshows!! Today has already been shaping up to be a wonderful day, and I’ve only been awake an hour or so! Love it, love it, love it! First off My adoring slavemarky came back from his trip ready to be used some more. I got a hot and sexy 200 dollar tribute, plus a long hypnosis call and some more gifts in the post. Yay!! Then I took a little nap, and when I got up today My wonderful pet ken called. he needed some hypnosis and submission that only I can provide for him. I had a few drive-by tributes and picture purchases which I love, and today overall has been a good day.

I was half expecting UPS to knock at My door today. Yesterday I got My graphics card so had that and a new power supply installed into the beast, and she’s running quite well. I’m hoping My ipod comes tomorrow at the latest, I want to have it for tomorrow evening, when I go check out this new gym with My bestie. Anyway, later gator.

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