Weekend shout-outs

The weekend, oh yes. It’s been extra awesome for Me this weekend too, because the presents started to roll in. Thursday I got a DVD, Taken, which I plan to watch tomorrow. Then, Friday, I got My amazing new pink coach purse. So fuckin’ cute! Thanks, sailor boy! It’s absolutely hot, I took it out with Me last night. I also looked on My Wish List (click here to see it) and saw that I’ve got a phone, some cute gucci sunglasses, an ipod, and a new graphics card coming. I finally added more stuff for My move. Anything that’s not furniture, feel free to buy it for Me now. But, I digress.

Today, I opened up My mail and lo and behold, 400 BRITISH POUNDS fell out. Courtesy of My brainwashed little slave marky, who I bet is beating his lil dick with nettles as we speak! Good job marky, we’ll talk when you get home.

Man, I’m tired!! Gonna go sleep and talk to you loserettes tomorrow

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