Weekend Update

I know, it’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged. I keep meaning to, and then real life just gets in the way. Trying to pack, get organized, throw stuff out, donate to charity stuff that I don’t want to take with Me, and I still have so much to do before I move. So here’s My upcoming schedule, as far as I can foresee … The next couple of weeks I am going to try to keep My availability as much as possible, though the last week of July expect less face time in front of the computer, even if I still answer My phone. I won’t be answering mails or IM’s as quickly.

Fri July 31, the movers come to move everything into the UHaul (what, you didn’t expect Me to move it Myself, now did you?) and Princess Amelia, and Prince & Princess puppy dog will be heading down the road .. I’ll be staying in Tennessee that night, and then heading the rest of the way to Atlanta on Sat August 1. I will be staying in a hotel that night (And probably taking calls, I’m undecided yet) and getting My stuff moved in on Sunday. Monday, they come to install the internet and I will be moved in.

you can still email Me but I will be slower about responding during these next few weeks. you will understand, of course. Now, to the meat and bones of this entry: the shout outs.

slavemarky has been coming around again, I got another 350 pounds from him yaaay and as we speak he is out giving himself 100 nettle whips, 50 cruel whips, 25 extra cruel whips, and 5 shockers. I love abusing him, and making him beg for mercy! It tickles Me.

NAME REMOVED actually went out on assignment for Me. He went out to the gay bars, and went into one of the bathroom glory holes, and sucked dick for Me.. his first time sucking dick, and it was at a public place. he felt like such a whore!! I made him pay Me to keep his name out of the journal.. to keep it out, he’ll have to work out a payment plan, now won’t he? 🙂

No one else really amused Me so much.. so no more shout outs. That’s it for now, bye bitches!

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