Tease and Denial – how does it end?

Jerking off for me is something all of you boys want to do. Dirty little fuckers. But there’s one thing you should remember when it comes to playing with me. You might be able to talk to me whenever you want, but you don’t get to cum anytime you want. Cumming is a privilege with me. Several of my little phone sluts have learned this lesson the hard way!
Some of you make the mistake of believing that just because you’ve managed to make it through one of my extreme tease and denial sessions that I OWE you the permission to cum. LOL, I don’t owe you anything! You chose to put yourself through this…now live with the consequences. 😉
You know what I really like to do with the cocky, insistent tease and denial phone sex boys? I like promising them that I’ll let them cum. They get all happy and think they’ve “won.” That’s their second mistake. Anybody who knows me at all knows that I always win! If I let you have what you want, it’s only because I wanted it, too, you know.
After I promise them that they can have their little orgasm, I work on bringing them to it. After a long session of orgasm edging, they’re definitely ready for it. I get them closer and closer and closer to the edge. Then, once they think that triumph is inevitable, I squash all their hopes and dreams with a ruined orgasm.
Pretty fun, actually! 😀

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