About Amelia

Age: 25
Birthday: August 22
Location: Houston, Tx
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 120
Measurements: 34DD/22/32
Shoe Size: 7
Ring Size: 6

Color: Purple & Pink
Brands: Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Michael Kors, MAC, Laura Geller, Urban Decay
Hobbies: Using men, shopping, manis and pedis, vacationing, swimming and lounging by the pool, playing with the Prince and Princess Kitten, rockin’ out with friends, making music, funny movies,
Foods: Macaroni & Cheese, Mexican, Chicken Salad
Shoes: wedges, sandals, platform heels
Jewelry: platinum or white/rosegold. Toe rings, rings, earrings, amethysts, diamonds, peridot (My birthstone)

I am a confident, aggressive Princess, and I’ve been manipulating men since before I could walk, starting with My daddy and working My way through just about every Man I’ve been around since then. I know just what to say and do to make men crumble to their knees. I’m heartless, vindictive, cruel and deliver insane punishments. I am a strict, stern Mistress who doesn’t feel the need to yell or scream to get My point across. Instead, you’ll be mesmerized by My absolute stunning beauty. you’ll be seduced and entranced by My voice, by My attention to detail, and you’ll be compelled to service Me. I have an unexplainable hold over men. they can’t help but to give to Me, and I love taking as much as I can.

SPECIALTIES: Financial domination * cuckolding * foot/ass worship * long hair fetish * lingerie, panties, stockings * feminization * cock sucking men * pantyboys * humiliation * giggling and teasing * tease and denial
Boys, if you are looking for a hardcore mistress poured in leather and screaming at you, I’m not the one. I’m a soft, classy, seductive, intelligent goddess that commands respect by taking it. I don’t have to yell at you to get it. But rest assured, one taste of me and you will become addicted.


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