Tease and Denial – how does it end?

Jerking off for me is something all of you boys want to do. Dirty little fuckers. But there’s one thing you should remember when it comes to playing with me. You might be able to talk to me whenever you want, but you don’t get to cum anytime you want. Cumming is a privilege with me. Several of my little phone sluts have learned this lesson the hard way!
Some of you make the mistake of believing that just because you’ve managed to make it through one of my extreme tease and denial sessions that I OWE you the permission to cum. LOL, I don’t owe you anything! You chose to put yourself through this…now live with the consequences. 😉
You know what I really like to do with the cocky, insistent tease and denial phone sex boys? I like promising them that I’ll let them cum. They get all happy and think they’ve “won.” That’s their second mistake. Anybody who knows me at all knows that I always win! If I let you have what you want, it’s only because I wanted it, too, you know.
After I promise them that they can have their little orgasm, I work on bringing them to it. After a long session of orgasm edging, they’re definitely ready for it. I get them closer and closer and closer to the edge. Then, once they think that triumph is inevitable, I squash all their hopes and dreams with a ruined orgasm.
Pretty fun, actually! 😀

Money Slaves, Blackmail, and Foot Fetish.

Today is my 26th birthday. This is cause for celebration on its own, but I have even bigger news. I’m going overseas, across the pond if you will, to have a certain special session with a certain special slave. He’s also sent over some payment for being such a dirty little boy and having both a ruined orgasm accident and a wet dream! No no no, no cumming unless -I- say! Do you understand? so that’s where we’re at there, a lot of money coming my way for a big trip with me and a lucky friend. I’m excited!

Also an old footsie slave and old friend have come out of nowhere, oh Jess it’s good to talk to you again. Nothing like some blackmail phone sex to get the blood pumping? Hell I never met a man with a foot fetish that I couldn’t turn into an addict =)

Phone Sex Domination and Punishment

Hey kinky phone sex lovers,

Lots of news going on. My feeder fetish fattie called me this morning, rousing me out of my beauty sleep wanting some ideas for dietary choices. I sent him on his way to white castle to buy 2 of the family meal packs to scarf down for lunch, and to hit up a buffet for dinner. He was supposed to call me back to enjoy a midnight snack with me later but never did. Probably couldn’t reach the phone or a bag of doritos distracted him, hahahaha. Speaking of distractions, marky came back today full of apologies and explanations. And as all of you know there’s one thing that a Phone Sex Mistress doesn’t like, it’s apologies and explanations. We like our pathetic slaves to do right the first time, though we do know how hard it is to think with the big head when the “little head” is all dripping and swollen, isn’t that right marky?

Punishment for the bad little sluts
So, I’m having him cancel an appointment so he can worship me in about an hour and a half. I’m perfectly okay with this because it’s what I want. And what I want, I get. Speaking of that, it’s my birthday soon and you should already go ahead and start planning out what you are going to do for me, now shouldn’t you? that’s right. It’s going to be an epic celebration. Speaking of epic I must get ready for later. Going to be lots of edging and denial for one failure of a slave. Ta-ta!

Domination Phone Sex and How you Can Serve

Hey, stroker boys, sluts, and pay piggies!

It’s been an interesting summer thus far. Last night I got back into the swing of things by doing a long feeder fetish phone sex call with a big fattie who just needed humiliation. It was pretty damn fun. I hadn’t done one of those in a while. Forced intoxication and feeder fetish used to be some uncharted territory that I was proud of getting all up in. I need to do more of that! It’s kind of funny since before slave markie bitched out like a dirty whore, I was starving him at least once a week and limiting his caloric intake on other days. I have worked both ends of the spectrum, and I have to say that it is very fun.

Domination Phone Sex – Why Do So Many Sluts Love It?
I ask myself this question many times actually. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that domination phone sex is as popular as it is. It gives me an outlet to use and abuse many pathetic, worthless men that deserve it. However, it is just that. A lot of abuse, a lot of punishment, and a lot of service, devotion, and worship. While some sluts don’t feel complete unless they belong to a gorgeous Goddess (such as myself), some find it more satisfying to whore around and be used by a lot of different Mistresses. While I have used friends in my calls on occasion, I definitely feel that I’m a solo operation. I like being the Princess in charge of your worthless dicks and having you right where you belong, on your knees.

What you can do to serve your Mistress
A good slave takes orders and does not ask “Why?” A good slave is realistic and never makes promises or deals that he knows he will not keep. A good slave is open, honest, and communicative about what he is feeling, what is comfortable for him, and what goes beyond his reasonable limits. This is what I like to call the “model slave” though it is hard to aspire for … It’s funny how simple such tasks seem to me yet daunting for the average slave. I am looking for the above average slave to forge Mistress/slave relationships that transcend the telephone but go into total life management, giving up control to Me to make your simplest decisions.

Of course, those little sluts that come around and bounce from Goddess to Goddess? Well, I’ll take them too. Whichever type you are, give me a call. Let’s explore together.


Teasing Phone Sex with Mistress Amelia

Oh, boys . . . I have re-activated my Mistress Phone Sex niteflirt site, and am starting to log in to take calls there. I’m not always available but I am doing more. And I have been getting some calls! I had a fun teasing session the other day, where I got to explore the cuckold world – one of my favorites – and start by him getting me ready to go out. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I am looking forward to seeing what niteflirt brings me, by way of callers. And remember if you are curious and have never tried it before you get free phone sex for 3 minutes just by making a call!

On a slightly more angrier note, broken contracts do not earn stroking points. I’m very, very disappointed in that aspect. But, looking forward to new slaves who can actually keep contracts that they make, or break them in the proper fashion when things come up. If you are that sort of slave, devoted, looking for torment, being hypnotized into an eternal service, then we should talk.

Independence Day, Indeed

Hello, kinky mothas!

This is coming up on a fun weekend for me! July 4 is one of my favorite holidays – cookouts, the beach, fireworks, and fun. What more is there? Oh, well I was thinking today it is symbolic for my slave marky.See, he’s in England, and I’m American, and July 4 is Independence Day. It’s the day that we got our Independence from the Brits all those years ago, and well it’s even funnier since he is my slave and Never, ever ever getting independence! And we have a new contract for the month of July! It’ll be an interesting month. 2 weeks since last ruined cum, and many more to go! haha

A month of wallet and slave abuse

Happy June, addicts! So, this month marky has contracted himself out to me. I get L$200 every week, he gets abused like the utterly devoted pig he is. He will be starved, teased to the edge, stroked and pinched and whipped until he cannot take it anymore, put into trances deeper than he imagined, and most importantly driven to serve, deepening his addiction to worshipping only me.

You see, financial domination phone sex can be rigorous, intense, it can be a complete mind fuck when you let it – and marky is so weak, his desires for me so great, that I can control him in many ways. This is just June 5. The month’s gonna be long =)

Delicious Domination and Torture with Mistress Amelia

I have to say, that Tease and denial gives me great pleasure. Not only do I know I have you wrapped around my little finger, but your pleasure, your orgasm – or nonorgasm, as the case may be – rests on one little word from me: “yes” or “no.” Which is it? As some of you know I have taken to keeping the company of one very handsome and intelligent young fuck toy. He’s 25 and has a delicious, long, thick 8.5 inch magnificent dick. He of course knows what I do, and we have great fun at your expense. When I tell him how I deny my slaves, how I make them stroke for me but never have release, it fuels our sexual energy. It turns me into even more of a sex goddess than I was before. I thrive off it.

Slave marky has hit again, paying for a festival I want to go to and picking up some perfume and panties for me. I’ll be taking some sexy pics for him in said panties before shipping them off to his locale. Oh, what a wonderful week! =) I am a happy, pampered Princess. Let’s keep it this way.

Hypnotic Orgasm Denial

A slave returns! slave marky has come back from his self-imposed exile to worship at the temple of Goddess Amelia once more. And not only that, he is funding my festival attendance! It’s been a good day for Ms Amelia and who knows, I might have to take his location by storm soon!

Good to know we’ll be playing tease and denial games for a very long time!

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Hello, strokers. Let’s talk about one of My favorite topics, tease and denial. “T&D” is very dear to Me, mostly because of the way it makes you silly boys react. I love teasing because I am fantastic at it. I love denying because it makes you beg more and more. Two great tastes, tastes great together. Just ask slave marky, as I kept him not cumming for months at a time while he stroked, stroked, stroked and whipped himself for My pleasure. It’s just what I do.

It’s not about what you want. It’s about what I want.

To be honest, I don’t care about how long it’s been since you let cummies out. I don’t care if you ever cum again. If it pleases Me, if it’s beneficial to Me, there might be an orgasm (probably a ruined orgasm if at all) in your future. There may not be. It’s up to you to figure out how to make Me agree to letting you let that pathetic cock cum. Spoil Me? That’s a good start. Talk to Me for a long time? Become a devoted slave, do assignments, feedbacks, etc? The more the better and the higher your chances of Me being generous that day and letting you ruin an orgasm just for Me.

Edging is an art. Start perfecting it.

That’s right. Stop worrying so much about the end result and start balancing on that edge between pain and pleasure. Stroke, stroke, stroke until you can’t hold it back any longer. Then stop. Slow down, don’t let that filth seep out of your balls. You do this for hours on end. Edging up to that release then pulling back. Hear me giggle, saying “oh no, you can’t cum. not now, not ever” in the back of your mind. In fact, I’m about to make a new recording that’s just for you edgers. How excited are you?

Come call me, I tire of this

tease and denial