Weekend Update

I know, it’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged. I keep meaning to, and then real life just gets in the way. Trying to pack, get organized, throw stuff out, donate to charity stuff that I don’t want to take with Me, and I still have so much to do before I move. So here’s My upcoming schedule, as far as I can foresee … The next couple of weeks I am going to try to keep My availability as much as possible, though the last week of July expect less face time in front of the computer, even if I still answer My phone. I won’t be answering mails or IM’s as quickly.

Fri July 31, the movers come to move everything into the UHaul (what, you didn’t expect Me to move it Myself, now did you?) and Princess Amelia, and Prince & Princess puppy dog will be heading down the road .. I’ll be staying in Tennessee that night, and then heading the rest of the way to Atlanta on Sat August 1. I will be staying in a hotel that night (And probably taking calls, I’m undecided yet) and getting My stuff moved in on Sunday. Monday, they come to install the internet and I will be moved in.

you can still email Me but I will be slower about responding during these next few weeks. you will understand, of course. Now, to the meat and bones of this entry: the shout outs.

slavemarky has been coming around again, I got another 350 pounds from him yaaay and as we speak he is out giving himself 100 nettle whips, 50 cruel whips, 25 extra cruel whips, and 5 shockers. I love abusing him, and making him beg for mercy! It tickles Me.

NAME REMOVED actually went out on assignment for Me. He went out to the gay bars, and went into one of the bathroom glory holes, and sucked dick for Me.. his first time sucking dick, and it was at a public place. he felt like such a whore!! I made him pay Me to keep his name out of the journal.. to keep it out, he’ll have to work out a payment plan, now won’t he? 🙂

No one else really amused Me so much.. so no more shout outs. That’s it for now, bye bitches!

slave marky chronicles

Right now, My slave marky is out whipping himself with nettle leaves and a new little thorny contraption … all going to make his balls bleed for Me.

50 regular nettle whips.
50 cruel nettle whips.
75 thorny bleedy whips.

I am a cruel Mistress indeed, and he cannot get enough of My domination and punishment.

I’m back!

Yes, I made it to Atlanta and back virtually unscathed. I was gonna post about what all I did, but wordpress decided to eat My fucking post. So fuck off.

slave marky sent Me 350 which I found when I got home this weekend. Crisp brit pounds! LOVE THEM!! And another will be on the way this week, right? The same? Very good. he has been whipping and storking up a storm as I just gave him a 4 part complete custom worship package. he wont be able to resist now for sure!

More to come …

Princess Decree: Vacation Time

First a little order of business: I will be on vacation starting Monday, June 29. I will return late in the evening on Friday, July 3. I will be available off and on for calls, but access to mail will be slow, and I will be on a laptop without most of My beloved photo stashes. I will respond to mails as I can.

Now that that’s over with … My slave marky, My favorite little british whipping boy came crawling around today. off to the post with 300 pounds for Me, and a few nice calls and a LOOOOT of whipping and stroking. See, marky came with his wife about a week ago, and even though I told him to ruin it, and he did, I am still annoyed that the weakling came. He is My strict orgasm denial slave and My whipping boy and My stroking whore. I say when he can cum (and it is never, ever, ever).

I’m going to be giving him a worship package in the next day or so. in the meanwhile, enjoy looking at Me with his cash!

Princess Weekend Update

Hello bitches and hos! hahaa what’s up?

Pedicure pics from this Friday. Buy the rest here

So what are you doing this weekend? Hopefully getting reeeal drunk and stupid and vulnerable for Me. Hopefully not as drunk as My drunken pet did though, as he put Me in a foul mood tonight when he was too drunk to function for Me. Then victim came back and I raped him for 200 just because he’s a piece of shit Fuck he makes My blood boil, and then the assfuck hung up on Me which absolutely will ban him from My good graces. Forever.

Tomorrow, I need to be put into a GOOD mood. Oh, and loser0999 got Me a new phone system, so that’ll be nice. Yay!

Wednesday Afternoon Princess Ramblings

Hello, sluts, bitches, and freakshows!! Today has already been shaping up to be a wonderful day, and I’ve only been awake an hour or so! Love it, love it, love it! First off My adoring slavemarky came back from his trip ready to be used some more. I got a hot and sexy 200 dollar tribute, plus a long hypnosis call and some more gifts in the post. Yay!! Then I took a little nap, and when I got up today My wonderful pet ken called. he needed some hypnosis and submission that only I can provide for him. I had a few drive-by tributes and picture purchases which I love, and today overall has been a good day.

I was half expecting UPS to knock at My door today. Yesterday I got My graphics card so had that and a new power supply installed into the beast, and she’s running quite well. I’m hoping My ipod comes tomorrow at the latest, I want to have it for tomorrow evening, when I go check out this new gym with My bestie. Anyway, later gator.

Weekend shout-outs

The weekend, oh yes. It’s been extra awesome for Me this weekend too, because the presents started to roll in. Thursday I got a DVD, Taken, which I plan to watch tomorrow. Then, Friday, I got My amazing new pink coach purse. So fuckin’ cute! Thanks, sailor boy! It’s absolutely hot, I took it out with Me last night. I also looked on My Wish List (click here to see it) and saw that I’ve got a phone, some cute gucci sunglasses, an ipod, and a new graphics card coming. I finally added more stuff for My move. Anything that’s not furniture, feel free to buy it for Me now. But, I digress.

Today, I opened up My mail and lo and behold, 400 BRITISH POUNDS fell out. Courtesy of My brainwashed little slave marky, who I bet is beating his lil dick with nettles as we speak! Good job marky, we’ll talk when you get home.

Man, I’m tired!! Gonna go sleep and talk to you loserettes tomorrow

Princess Happenings

Diamond Princess
I make ’em bust quick
Man I back it up
Like a Mack truck
Don’t talk about it boy
Be about it boy
I got them girls boy
Turn out your girls boy

This is My freak nasty get up and dance song lately. I know it’s a year or so old but I don’t care. And also boys, if you ever wanted to know what kind of guys I actually like to spend time with? This is one guy right here that could get into My panties for sure. (I love guys with short hair or bald) I totally have this song on repeat today while I’m getting business done. In the middle of writing this entry I had a wonderful distraction by My sailor boy, calling to spend some time with Me before he went shopping (man after My own heart, I tell you) and let Me just say that if you want to learn how to properly spoil a Princess, this guy wrote the book.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I had to block victim piece of shit loser fuckhole asswipe for good. He did not take heed to My rules and regulations on this website, even though I gave him a warning that he needed to re-read and understand them. he couldn’t even handle that, so away he goes. Fucker. let this be a lesson to the rest of you, I mean what I say when I say it. Fuck up, and you will find yourself gone, banished, forever. I don’t give second chances.

Today is Thursday, and I will be here all day until the wee bit hours, and then tomorrow My availability will be a bit sketchy. I’ll probably dinner and a movie with some friends of Mine, then come back in the evening time to give you guys the abuse you crave hehe. I love being Me!

Princess is Amazingly Happy!

Today, My happiness came in threefold.

First off, during the day today, hypno slave k actually was brainwashed enough to buy the gucci sunglasses off My wish list on Amazon, then tributed 250. He then called later in the evening, hit My 50 dollars for instant orgasmic release. being a Goddess is fun!

Then, I spent hours with the most amazing sailor boy. He is such a sweetie and spoiled Me just like a Princess deserves. This is gonna be an amazing month!

Then slave marky came back, whipping himself with nettle leaves and being hypnoed for the first time. Four weeks, no orgasm. I told him I might let him ruin it one day, but today is not the day. Now he’s off to the post and then he’s coming back to do a major big rain dance, naked in the rain, with plenty of beating and stroking. I am a cruel Mistress, and I am his true religion. he loves it.

I’m off to bed now, dreaming of all of marky’s pounds! hahaha!

pedicure day

Hey sluts and bitches! went today to get a hot new pedi. Went for a really cute rust color because of the new bikini I got with toeprint’s cash. Jess will be proud when she comes back from le vacation! hah.

What do you think, losers? really cute, right? So let’s see, this weekend has been pretty busy. Had some absolute fucking IDIOTS (and not in the idiot ways that I usually like) and then good ole victim came back (or as he’s been aptly renamed, piece of shit). Called Me and told Me he was about to go to the store to get stuff for a fun-filled night. That’s where we are now. I’m also talking to a new potential findom slave that will make Me very happy.

Gonna be around off and on all night, doing stuff on the computer and what-not. So expect firm rapings.