Cash Rape Prince$$ at it again

I LOVE Cash Rape days. I had a new little piggie … I like to call him speedy gonzo who came up on My radar a few days ago. I didn’t really think he was going to be worth My time because he put up a little bit of a fight, but lo and behold, AMAZON fulfilled big time. Got some great stuff to go towards “Amelia Takes Over Atlanta” coming this summer. And he spewed a few novels about his opinions on cash rape (Didn’t care) but every time I told him how excited and what a rush I got, he just wanted to spend more. I like those ambitious fucks that make promises I have to hold them to. Then to top it all off, he got a picture of My beautiful ass to worship. Heaven, I’d say.

This is what I like to do with My time. Shop. Tomorrow I am going on a shopping trip with My friend Claudia and then we are gonna hit some clubs. I feel like maybe hitting up some cash bandits, so we might hang around VooDoo’s at Harrah’s. Not for sure though, who knows. Definitely galleria and PF Changs beforehand though. I will probably have My blackberry on with the yahoo running for all night long Cash Rape, oh yeah… I love it so much. I love each type of domination I get to practice on you fucks. But My atm slaves, My cash losers, and My pay piggies will always have My favor.

Amelia and Jess at work again hahha

It’s Meee again haha… been chatting with Jess online tonight, who is in the bahamas having a blast and using men. She hasn’t paid for a thing there, and why would She? I didn’t in Florida, and neither should She. She also sent Me some bangin’ shots of Her feet. I mean damn… if I were a toe person I would -definitely- be all over those, hahaha.

We talked about toeprint and how he’d been stalking Her lately. Was pretty funny since he was all over My im’s telling Me I couldn’t get Her online? She came on for Me right away and he was blocked while We chatted. I actually had a pretty good time, lookin’ at Her sexy bahamas pictures and showing her all Mine from Florida the couple weekends ago I went. I also told Her about moving to Atlanta later this summer. Oh, did I not mention that yet? Yeah.. I’m moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer. Going to take that city by storm, so I’m going to be adding a lot of new stuff to My Amazon Wish List to help Me move into the lap of luxury, and you losers are gonna be funding My move 100%.

Anyway, now that that’s said … we’re gonna pluck some more cash from toe print with the tease of our sexy toes. See ya!

Cock and Ball torture? Why certainly.

So, I have been teasing slave marky off and on all weekend, while he couldn’t spend much time at the computer he stopped by to pick up his paid mail pictures like the dutiful little puppy that he is. he also told Me that he beat his cock and balls with nettle leaves over the weekend. Well, I was just delighted with this little piece of information, and in reward told him he could go and do it 40 times for Me tonight. Now, slave marky has an ol’ ball and chain and so he has to make excuses and beg to get out of the house, but he did it.. and he’s on his way right now I guess to another building, or a barn, or Canada for all I know… all I know is that he’s going to be whippng his cock and balls 40 times with those nettle leaves.

I also have him doing an experiment with nettle leaves. To see whether it hurts more BEFORE or AFTER stroking for My photos. I think it would be after, personally, but I guess we’ll see how this experiment goes. he also paid his stroking tax like a good little slut. Gotta love them! now I’ve gotta go back to draining his wallet with My beautiful images. See ya later!

Princess’ Shopping Addiction

Hey whoreballs! I took a good part of yesterday during the day off. Wanna know why? SHOPPING. I need at least one shopping trip a week to keep My sanity. This time it was picking up a few cute essentials for the summer. Went down and tried on a few cute things. It was definitely therapy! I was up late last night too, picked up a new slave to My perfect body. *slavemarky* who has fallen in love with the sexy pics I keep giving him and has submitted his questionaire to serve. I was impressed with his answers and his choice of fetishes. Actually, I received applications from FOUR potential slaves today. I think I will probably take on two of them at the most for full-time servitude. I am about to open My sissy slot up if Sissy Krissy doesn’t contact Me soon. If you are a sissy and would like to be considered in waiting for that position, then by all means, mail Me on Niteflirt and let Me know.

So back to slavemarky, MAN OH MAN what a great time I’ve had with him lately. he’s bought so many of My pictures, all of his favorite triggers like fishnets, jean skirts, etc and each time he saves one to his computer, he has to say a prayer to Me. It’s amazing. I’m going to be putting him on a stroke schedule (it’s been 2 weeks since he came!) and I’ll deny him until I see fit! he’s going to be serving Me in the manner that I do desire. Speaking of things that I desire …

What I don’t desire is fuckholes who think that domination is some sort of fun game. I already covered things that annoy Me but a few others to add to that list are things like: don’t request shit that’s against Niteflirt Terms of Service. I won’t do it, because it’s against the Terms of Service. And because I don’t fucking want to. Too bad if it’s something you reeeally want. It is what it is. And when I won’t do it, don’t fucking leave bad feedback because you whined and laughed the whole time at everything else. like I FUCKING TOLD YOU sandrasslaveloser, this is not a game for Me. This is real life. you are doing a disservice to all the lifestyle losers and Mistresses out here that live this every day. And you called Me a stupid kid? If there is any justice in the world your dick will explode into a thousand pieces. When I learn magic, that’s the first thing I’ll do, believe Me.

Other than that, things are status quo around here. Pulled another fast $100 out of toeprint the other day, when he came crawling back to hear more about what Me and Jess had been talking about. man, what a sucker!! So I’m gonna go own some bitches, smell ya later 🙂

Princess Decree

What’s up slutdogs? Man today was a busy day in Princess-land. I got up relatively early for Me, so I logged in for a bit to see what kind of morning/ early afternoon fishies I could catch. you losers came in droves, though not all of them put a smile on My face. I’m definitely going to have to make a PRINCESS’ RULES page because you guys just don’t get it. So let’s go over some of My pet peeves right now.

what drives Me absolutely insane with anger: Don’t call Me unless you have read and understand My page. Don’t call thinking I’m going to get you off by sucking your pathetic dick. Don’t cry when I make fun of what a pathetic fucktard you are. you are one, or you wouldn’t be calling Me. Which brings Me to another point. I do domination only. I don’t have listings in vanilla or straight up sex sections for a reason. I don’t want to fuck you d-bags. I want to fuck men that can go out in real life and get a girl like Me. I will never ever pretend that you could ever have Me. Ok, let’s see.. what else? oh yes! BIG ONE: Don’t tell Me what to do. ever. If you want to play one of My games, don’t bitch about how it’s done. Don’t bitch about the quality of My pictures becuase they’re not all going to be perfect airbrushed ones. I don’t have a whole ton of professionally done, porny pics. Most of them were done with My friends behind the lens or an ex or something. Did I mention? Don’t ask Me to meet. I won’t do it. Won’t fucking ever do it.

OK! Now that that’s out of the way, I should notice that the one person that fucking pissed Me off yesterday issued a heartfelt reply and I think that we are on our way to a better understanding. I have enjoyed dicking around with you fucking freaks though. Even had an ignore loser today. Well, gotta go freakshows. toeprint is a’calling!

back from Florida!

I had a BLAST!!! Me and S just completely ruled the coast line over the last few days. Flew out early Friday morning and came back tonight. I have some super sexy pictures taken just for My adoring few. Let Me see if I can actually recount the whole tale of Our awesome debauchery! Oh god it was so fun.

Friday: Got in and unpacked, immediately hit the beach. spent a few hours out there and then went back to the hotel to change for dinner and a little light shopping. Shopping was fun, dinner was great (had a crab cake for those of you that care) then came back for one more change for the night, and going out clubbing!! We totally danced Ourselves into the night and though I could have had anyone there, I restrained. But you know I didn’t pay for a drink all night; neither did S! And I even slipped My Niteflirt name to a couple boys that totally bowed to Us. I hope to be talking about them more in the future! hee hee!

Saturday: Of course We slept in like the Princesses we are, and after a little fruit room service we headed downstairs to the beach. I was able to even get in some pictures for you guys, aren’t you lucky? We came back, changed bikinis, and chilled by the pool for a bit. I wanted to drive kinda out where I could do a naughty pose or two, so another change and we were in the rental car heading down the street. I found a good spot and some more photos were taken. After that We came back and dressed for dinner. The place we ate at had a live band so we hung out there for a bit where I texted with toeprint and like the creep he is of course he wanted details. He’s not hearing shit from Me until he takes care of the paid mails I left him. That’s that. After blocking him, We finished up at the beach club and went back to change for the real clubbing. S invited the drummer of the band to come along with Us so he met up with Us there, and we danced and partied the night away. S went back to her room with him, and I retreated to check up on you boys, check some emails, and get some sleep.

Sunday: Sunday! AMG! I didn’t want to leave but we checked out of the hotel only an hour late, got our stuff loaded, and then found a place to have a leisurely lunch and do a last bit of shopping. Our flight was mid afternoon and of course with security and stuff the airport was an all afternoon kind of trip. Met up with a few men that couldn’t stop staring at My feet. So you know I dropped them My Niteflirt site. I love teasing men!! This whole trip was about teasing men from the creep that funded the call to the losers I teased and used all trip long. It’s beautiful!

Here’s a teaser from the pics that I took over the weekend:

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya

So I know you are intrigued about My tag team partner Jess. No, she’s not a Niteflirt chick. She’s this hottie I met online. Through toeprint. Speaking of toeprint, he fucked around and got himself addicted and fooled again, to the tune about $1000 for both of us.

Are you worried about the title? Think your beautiful Princess is leaving already? well, I am… but only for the weekend. I am going down to Florida for a mini-vacation on silly toeprint’s dime. In fact, I’m gonna bring a pair of last year’s shoes and wear them out just so he’ll buy them, along with one of My bikinis I wear in the sun. Sometimes, it’s so wonderful to be Me. Hell.. all times, it’s wonderful to be Me.

This weekend Me and one of My besties will be down in beautiful sunny Florida, sunning it up and playing like We always do. I absolutely love travelling with My amazing girlfriends. We always get into something amazing and I’m sure I’ll have some awesome stories to tell. In the meanwhile, visit Domination Central a.k.a. My Niteflirt Page, and buy My new Video. I have a couple more to release .. slowly, very slowly, haha. Wanna make you losers wait.

I will be available for calls off and on during the weekend, as I’ll have My laptop and blackberry with Me. It will be on My time though, and not a whole lot. I won’t have much of an arsenal of photographs available either, so cheerzy, I’m gonna prepare a couple packs to send to you before I go, just so you will stay busy.

Until I get back, keep it hard, and keep it pathetic, because that’s what makes you $pend!!


My new BFF Jess

Wow, back so soon, I know! I wanted to drop an entry though about My favorite homegirl, Jess. We actually met through toeprint and teamed up to work him over good. Seriously, every girl needs a bff like this chick. She brings out the bitch in Me even more, if that’s possible. We have a ton of stuff in common: We both really have perfect feet and toes. We’re both thin with amazing tits (I have a D and she has a full C). We’re both absolutely stellar bitches. We hit it off right away and we set up a few things.

First: I made him match Her every dollar he sent Me.
Second: We teased and tormented him, tricking him with blacked out pics, fake loser pics, and more. And of course he fell for it every time. hahahha!!
Third: We shopped online together, ignoring him!
Fourth: We are gonna exchange thongs!!!! SO FUCKING HOT.

Jess is a size 6 shoe, her favorite nail polish is blood red, and she was a cheerleader senior year of HS and weighed 103 lbs. Why wouldn’t I love her? Together we took toe print for around $9k in a few days. haha. And it made us smile soooo big. And he knows if he doesn’t do what we say that the suit’s gonna happen! ‘oh, did i forget to mention? jess and me came up with a sexual harassment lawsuit that we’ll hit toeprint with if he doesnt keep paying. oops!

So look at this pic we made, and eat your heart out losers.

financial domination