#1 Slave – devoted in princess domination

When slaves return, they really return! My slave marky has made a commitment to be my blackmail slave through the end of September. The awesome part? He replaced my dead computer, got me a new monitor, and is even buying my wedding dress. This is why he is my #1 slave and most other slaves just wish they could be this devoted. But when you are a Goddess as hot as I am, why wouldn’t you be this devoted? We’ve been getting him drunk with some forced intoxication phone sex and plenty of edging!

Ciao, bitches!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex | Are you here to worship?

Every now and then, I’ll have guys who ask me what my favorite sex position is. Sometimes, they get all pouty when I say that I like having the guy on top because they think it’s boring, and they’re disappointed that I didn’t quote some bizarre position from the Kama Sutra. But they only think it’s boring because they don’t know the whole story, as it were. 😉

I’m not talking about missionary with the lights off. That IS boring. But I love it when a guy is on top, and he takes my legs, throws them over his shoulders, and pushes his cock inside me like that. It’s even better when he turns his head a little to kiss and lick and suck on my toes while he’s fucking me.

I know it’s not too common to run across a foot fetishist who also has a cock big enough for me to want to fuck, but it’s happened a couple of times. And when it does happen, I love putting his foot fetish to good use just like that!

But that’s one of those things that only happens once in a blue moon, so I don’t complain if I have to get my foot worship in a different way. I’ve trained a lot of footboys and foot slaves who call me in the right way of worshipping my feet, so it all works out. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or them, LOL!

What kind of foot fetish phone sex fantasies do you have?

Princess Decree and Decorum – Domination Phone Sex Style

I am not to be fucked with.

I repeat: I am not to be fucked with. I am many things — I am more generous than you really deserve, both with understanding and My time. I don’t punish slaves for having real-world issues, and I am fairly lenient where family obligations and realm of responsibility comes into play. I have extended services to slaves on their good word after a long servitude relationship has been established, and rarely have they not made good on it.

However, when I feel that this is being abused, I can take it away just as easily.

This is just a warning post. Goddess giveth, and Goddess taketh away. Don’t mistake My lenience for weakness. And I will only allow so many transgressions before I start purging. I don’t care how long you’ve been worshiping Me. I will not be disrespected, ever.

Domination, Slavery, and Worship: A Princess-Style Philosophy

It’s no secret that I am very selective about what slaves I will allow to serve Me long-term. One of My devotees said to Me, “Goddess, I have many other mistresses that try to talk to me on various services to try to get me to call them.” And while I know it’s true, it’s never bothered Me much, and I explained that to him. Let Me explain to all of you right now how My philosophy works on that. You see, I feel that any Goddess that has to beg or solicit slaves probably isn’t that much of a Goddess to begin with. I’ve never sought out to contact a slave first — a slave must prove his worthiness to Me, not the other way around. Keep this in mind when approaching Me or any other Goddess. While there is some sort of selection where a slave is concerned (I also believe there is mutual compatibility, and not every slave is going to fit every Mistress, vice versa) after you present yourself as a slave, it is the Mistress’ responsibility to evaluate your potential, and whether or not She wishes to take you on as a slave recruit (or whatever She tends to call Her new fledglings).

So when approaching a Mistress that has caught your eye, what are some good steps to take to catch Her attention? Here are a few good starting tips:

1. Always be respectful of a Goddess’ time. Usually She is doing a few other things, and while she will drop what she is doing and give attention to the right slave, for every one with good intentions there are five who are just looking to wank around and waste Her time. If She is with someone else, it is highly unlikely that She is going to answer you right away. And if She is truly busy and cannot break away (especially if She’s not showing available on Her respective phone sex sites) then don’t keep begging and buzzing and trying to elicit responses from Her. It is permissible to ask Her next available time and then re-approach Her then.

2. Always be respectful of a Goddess’ authority. She is a ruling Princess for a reason. Whether She has one follower or one thousand adoring fans, a Goddess both commands and deserves respect and adulation. When She says something, it should be heeded as law, as She is your governing body. If you are still seeking a new Mistress, disobeying Her early off is a pretty good way not to be accepted into Her stable.

3. Always be honest with a Mistress. I can’t stress this enough. Be honest and reasonably open with your Mistress. While most of Us will not ask you to do something that is physically/financially impossible, most of Us will push your limits to see how We can make you grow, where your hard limits lie, and make a game plan for evolution in the Mistress/slave relationship. It’s your responsibility to be honest with Us if it gets to be too much, so We can scale it back and work in a more mutually satisfying manner. Honesty and openness is a sign of trust, and you should be able to trust your Goddess.

Keep this in mind when approaching a Mistress you are interested in, and I feel you’ll do just fine — especially when that Mistress is Me!

Distance Domination – Full Life Control (guest blog)

The Pleasure of Pain and Suffering for my Goddess.

I am the slave and servant, both financially and sexually of the most wonderful, Princess and Goddess, Amelia.
To be clear about the sexual part, my orgams are totally under her control.. She rarely lets me cum, weeks go by, a month is not uncommon, and if I am granted release then it is almost always a ruined orgasm. She orders me frequently to stroke and edge, and has me pinch my balls hard. And I completely obey and adore my Goddess so. Her beauty, and her happiness give me pleasure, therefore my suffering and denial becomes a pleasure for me.

I awake and think of her straightaway. This month I am under contract to her. She is my obsession, and must be obeyed. I know she will work me hard, starve me some days of food, tease me relentlessly with her beauty and take stroking and edging to unheard of levels. Yet I adore her so and enjoy more than anything making her happy.
To hear her voice is amazing, to also here the “pop” of yahoo meaning she has just messaged me makes my heart jump.

And so my pleasure is to please Princess Amelia, the one true Goddess. And to please her I must suffer in all ways, and as the Goddess Amelia commands. She is so above me.

I am hers.


Teasing, Denial, and $$PAYMENT$$

So you wanna cum, huh?

Tell me something. Do you really think you deserve to cum? No, don’t think with your cock. Think with the bigger head if you possibly can. Remember all the things you’ve done this week, all the times you’ve jacked off without explicit permission, all the times you’ve cum thinking about my perfect body, all the naughty things you’ve done.

Take time to consider those things. Think seriously about them and tell me if you really think your cock deserves to shoot its pitiful little load. If the answer is “no,” you’re a smart little slave boy. Go back on orgasm denial like you know you should.

If you really believe the answer is “yes,” then here’s something else you should think about. When you’re under Princess Amelia’s orgasm control, being allowed to cum is going to cost you. It’ll cost you a long, long session of tease and denial, of course, but it’ll cost you something besides that, too.

Cold, hard cash.

There’s the loser tax, the cum tax, and lots more. I may even decide I want to play raise the rate with you while I’m slowly teasing you. And even if you submit to all my devious financial domination tactics, the truth is, there’s still no guarantee that I won’t hang up the phone when I’m finished with you, leaving you hard and aching, your balls full and your wallet empty. That’s the price you’re going to pay for playing with me. Do you think you can handle it?

Few can, actually. Even the most devoted slaves, like My marky, eventually fuck up. Speaking of, he is back for some fun action tonight. He’s gone to wearing a purple rubber band (my favorite color) around his pathetic little weenis as a sign of ownership. I’m gonna pick out a worship set and then at 11pm my time I’m gonna fuck him up royally. He’s already been on stroking assignments and I’ll get to find out where my fucking cash is! All in all a good night, don’t you think?

So all you fucking financial slaves, definitely take a page from marky’s book. He won’t be cumming tonight, but I’ll be plenty satisfied!

Tease and Denial – how does it end?

Jerking off for me is something all of you boys want to do. Dirty little fuckers. But there’s one thing you should remember when it comes to playing with me. You might be able to talk to me whenever you want, but you don’t get to cum anytime you want. Cumming is a privilege with me. Several of my little phone sluts have learned this lesson the hard way!
Some of you make the mistake of believing that just because you’ve managed to make it through one of my extreme tease and denial sessions that I OWE you the permission to cum. LOL, I don’t owe you anything! You chose to put yourself through this…now live with the consequences. 😉
You know what I really like to do with the cocky, insistent tease and denial phone sex boys? I like promising them that I’ll let them cum. They get all happy and think they’ve “won.” That’s their second mistake. Anybody who knows me at all knows that I always win! If I let you have what you want, it’s only because I wanted it, too, you know.
After I promise them that they can have their little orgasm, I work on bringing them to it. After a long session of orgasm edging, they’re definitely ready for it. I get them closer and closer and closer to the edge. Then, once they think that triumph is inevitable, I squash all their hopes and dreams with a ruined orgasm.
Pretty fun, actually! 😀

Money Slaves, Blackmail, and Foot Fetish.

Today is my 26th birthday. This is cause for celebration on its own, but I have even bigger news. I’m going overseas, across the pond if you will, to have a certain special session with a certain special slave. He’s also sent over some payment for being such a dirty little boy and having both a ruined orgasm accident and a wet dream! No no no, no cumming unless -I- say! Do you understand? so that’s where we’re at there, a lot of money coming my way for a big trip with me and a lucky friend. I’m excited!

Also an old footsie slave and old friend have come out of nowhere, oh Jess it’s good to talk to you again. Nothing like some blackmail phone sex to get the blood pumping? Hell I never met a man with a foot fetish that I couldn’t turn into an addict =)

Phone Sex Domination and Punishment

Hey kinky phone sex lovers,

Lots of news going on. My feeder fetish fattie called me this morning, rousing me out of my beauty sleep wanting some ideas for dietary choices. I sent him on his way to white castle to buy 2 of the family meal packs to scarf down for lunch, and to hit up a buffet for dinner. He was supposed to call me back to enjoy a midnight snack with me later but never did. Probably couldn’t reach the phone or a bag of doritos distracted him, hahahaha. Speaking of distractions, marky came back today full of apologies and explanations. And as all of you know there’s one thing that a Phone Sex Mistress doesn’t like, it’s apologies and explanations. We like our pathetic slaves to do right the first time, though we do know how hard it is to think with the big head when the “little head” is all dripping and swollen, isn’t that right marky?

Punishment for the bad little sluts
So, I’m having him cancel an appointment so he can worship me in about an hour and a half. I’m perfectly okay with this because it’s what I want. And what I want, I get. Speaking of that, it’s my birthday soon and you should already go ahead and start planning out what you are going to do for me, now shouldn’t you? that’s right. It’s going to be an epic celebration. Speaking of epic I must get ready for later. Going to be lots of edging and denial for one failure of a slave. Ta-ta!

Teasing Phone Sex with Mistress Amelia

Oh, boys . . . I have re-activated my Mistress Phone Sex niteflirt site, and am starting to log in to take calls there. I’m not always available but I am doing more. And I have been getting some calls! I had a fun teasing session the other day, where I got to explore the cuckold world – one of my favorites – and start by him getting me ready to go out. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I am looking forward to seeing what niteflirt brings me, by way of callers. And remember if you are curious and have never tried it before you get free phone sex for 3 minutes just by making a call!

On a slightly more angrier note, broken contracts do not earn stroking points. I’m very, very disappointed in that aspect. But, looking forward to new slaves who can actually keep contracts that they make, or break them in the proper fashion when things come up. If you are that sort of slave, devoted, looking for torment, being hypnotized into an eternal service, then we should talk.