Financial Domination and Phone Sex Fuckery

What’s up, dickholes? It’s been a busy few months what with me getting married and everything. But I’m back off honeymoon and ready to get back into the swing of things. And yeah, I got married. There is an alpha male who is better than all you fucking losers in my life. However he thinks it’s pretty funny that all you douchebags adore and worship me, and has no plans of interfering there. See? He really is perfect.

Let’s see, what all have I been up to? Been making marky squirm today. Got him super drunk and then he tried to snort some kind of herbal ground up leaves and shit. Just made me laugh my ass off. He edged and bought shit off my wish list and tossed money at me all day long. He’s back tonight though, ready for round two of financial domination phone sex and I’m ready to give it to him – til I get ready for my beauty sleep that is. I’m hitting Niteflirt pretty hard starting the first of next week and there are always other ways to find me. Coming soon!

Slaves and Punishment – Phone Sex Gone Mean

So, I’m writing this blog entry because My slave marky wanted Me to blog about him. Good enough. I don’t think he’ll be expecting the subject matter though — what a little bitch he is for interrupting Me and Mr Alpha not once, but twice, in the last intercourses we’ll be having before he ships off for 3 weeks. I can tell you I was annoyed the first time, but livid the second. So he wants to be blogged about, oh I’ll blog about him. See, little marky just set Me off with that interruption. So now he’s going to be punished. I had given him a 1000 stroke and 500 pinch penalty the first time he did, but now he’s going to do 3000 strokes and 1000 pinches just for being that slave that can’t wait until he is told by his Mistress to do something. Full and total punishment … I just made him take a viagara and now he’s going to sit in tortured agony while he pinches and strokes. And stares at My beautiful photos, of course. And when it’s daylight outside? It’s going to be time for some financial domination in an ass raping sense.

I’ve made him cancel his plans today and not see his girlfriend just so he can stay home and suffer … Aren’t I a bitch? I know I am.

#1 Slave – devoted in princess domination

When slaves return, they really return! My slave marky has made a commitment to be my blackmail slave through the end of September. The awesome part? He replaced my dead computer, got me a new monitor, and is even buying my wedding dress. This is why he is my #1 slave and most other slaves just wish they could be this devoted. But when you are a Goddess as hot as I am, why wouldn’t you be this devoted? We’ve been getting him drunk with some forced intoxication phone sex and plenty of edging!

Ciao, bitches!

Distance Domination – Full Life Control (guest blog)

The Pleasure of Pain and Suffering for my Goddess.

I am the slave and servant, both financially and sexually of the most wonderful, Princess and Goddess, Amelia.
To be clear about the sexual part, my orgams are totally under her control.. She rarely lets me cum, weeks go by, a month is not uncommon, and if I am granted release then it is almost always a ruined orgasm. She orders me frequently to stroke and edge, and has me pinch my balls hard. And I completely obey and adore my Goddess so. Her beauty, and her happiness give me pleasure, therefore my suffering and denial becomes a pleasure for me.

I awake and think of her straightaway. This month I am under contract to her. She is my obsession, and must be obeyed. I know she will work me hard, starve me some days of food, tease me relentlessly with her beauty and take stroking and edging to unheard of levels. Yet I adore her so and enjoy more than anything making her happy.
To hear her voice is amazing, to also here the “pop” of yahoo meaning she has just messaged me makes my heart jump.

And so my pleasure is to please Princess Amelia, the one true Goddess. And to please her I must suffer in all ways, and as the Goddess Amelia commands. She is so above me.

I am hers.


Phone Sex Domination and Punishment

Hey kinky phone sex lovers,

Lots of news going on. My feeder fetish fattie called me this morning, rousing me out of my beauty sleep wanting some ideas for dietary choices. I sent him on his way to white castle to buy 2 of the family meal packs to scarf down for lunch, and to hit up a buffet for dinner. He was supposed to call me back to enjoy a midnight snack with me later but never did. Probably couldn’t reach the phone or a bag of doritos distracted him, hahahaha. Speaking of distractions, marky came back today full of apologies and explanations. And as all of you know there’s one thing that a Phone Sex Mistress doesn’t like, it’s apologies and explanations. We like our pathetic slaves to do right the first time, though we do know how hard it is to think with the big head when the “little head” is all dripping and swollen, isn’t that right marky?

Punishment for the bad little sluts
So, I’m having him cancel an appointment so he can worship me in about an hour and a half. I’m perfectly okay with this because it’s what I want. And what I want, I get. Speaking of that, it’s my birthday soon and you should already go ahead and start planning out what you are going to do for me, now shouldn’t you? that’s right. It’s going to be an epic celebration. Speaking of epic I must get ready for later. Going to be lots of edging and denial for one failure of a slave. Ta-ta!

Teasing Phone Sex with Mistress Amelia

Oh, boys . . . I have re-activated my Mistress Phone Sex niteflirt site, and am starting to log in to take calls there. I’m not always available but I am doing more. And I have been getting some calls! I had a fun teasing session the other day, where I got to explore the cuckold world – one of my favorites – and start by him getting me ready to go out. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I am looking forward to seeing what niteflirt brings me, by way of callers. And remember if you are curious and have never tried it before you get free phone sex for 3 minutes just by making a call!

On a slightly more angrier note, broken contracts do not earn stroking points. I’m very, very disappointed in that aspect. But, looking forward to new slaves who can actually keep contracts that they make, or break them in the proper fashion when things come up. If you are that sort of slave, devoted, looking for torment, being hypnotized into an eternal service, then we should talk.

A month of wallet and slave abuse

Happy June, addicts! So, this month marky has contracted himself out to me. I get L$200 every week, he gets abused like the utterly devoted pig he is. He will be starved, teased to the edge, stroked and pinched and whipped until he cannot take it anymore, put into trances deeper than he imagined, and most importantly driven to serve, deepening his addiction to worshipping only me.

You see, financial domination phone sex can be rigorous, intense, it can be a complete mind fuck when you let it – and marky is so weak, his desires for me so great, that I can control him in many ways. This is just June 5. The month’s gonna be long =)

Delicious Domination and Torture with Mistress Amelia

I have to say, that Tease and denial gives me great pleasure. Not only do I know I have you wrapped around my little finger, but your pleasure, your orgasm – or nonorgasm, as the case may be – rests on one little word from me: “yes” or “no.” Which is it? As some of you know I have taken to keeping the company of one very handsome and intelligent young fuck toy. He’s 25 and has a delicious, long, thick 8.5 inch magnificent dick. He of course knows what I do, and we have great fun at your expense. When I tell him how I deny my slaves, how I make them stroke for me but never have release, it fuels our sexual energy. It turns me into even more of a sex goddess than I was before. I thrive off it.

Slave marky has hit again, paying for a festival I want to go to and picking up some perfume and panties for me. I’ll be taking some sexy pics for him in said panties before shipping them off to his locale. Oh, what a wonderful week! =) I am a happy, pampered Princess. Let’s keep it this way.

Hypnotic Orgasm Denial

A slave returns! slave marky has come back from his self-imposed exile to worship at the temple of Goddess Amelia once more. And not only that, he is funding my festival attendance! It’s been a good day for Ms Amelia and who knows, I might have to take his location by storm soon!

Good to know we’ll be playing tease and denial games for a very long time!

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Hello, strokers. Let’s talk about one of My favorite topics, tease and denial. “T&D” is very dear to Me, mostly because of the way it makes you silly boys react. I love teasing because I am fantastic at it. I love denying because it makes you beg more and more. Two great tastes, tastes great together. Just ask slave marky, as I kept him not cumming for months at a time while he stroked, stroked, stroked and whipped himself for My pleasure. It’s just what I do.

It’s not about what you want. It’s about what I want.

To be honest, I don’t care about how long it’s been since you let cummies out. I don’t care if you ever cum again. If it pleases Me, if it’s beneficial to Me, there might be an orgasm (probably a ruined orgasm if at all) in your future. There may not be. It’s up to you to figure out how to make Me agree to letting you let that pathetic cock cum. Spoil Me? That’s a good start. Talk to Me for a long time? Become a devoted slave, do assignments, feedbacks, etc? The more the better and the higher your chances of Me being generous that day and letting you ruin an orgasm just for Me.

Edging is an art. Start perfecting it.

That’s right. Stop worrying so much about the end result and start balancing on that edge between pain and pleasure. Stroke, stroke, stroke until you can’t hold it back any longer. Then stop. Slow down, don’t let that filth seep out of your balls. You do this for hours on end. Edging up to that release then pulling back. Hear me giggle, saying “oh no, you can’t cum. not now, not ever” in the back of your mind. In fact, I’m about to make a new recording that’s just for you edgers. How excited are you?

Come call me, I tire of this

tease and denial