Chastity Phone Sex With a Kinky Tease

You know what I love? A man who knows his place. One of my favorite things is chastity phone sex – especially when my subject has his very own cock cage already! I talked to an old phone buddy who in the few years since I talked to him has evolved somewhat! Now he has gone from sweet hot and dirty Phone sex (which he was pretty good at, if I recall correctly – and I always do) to kinky domination, bondage and chastity. He’s got his cage ordered and when he gets it, I’m going to be the keyholder! I can’t wait!!

I love being a dirty kinky chastity tease like that. When you lock up with me, a week isn’t going to cut it. We’ll get you going wayyy longer than that. And when you release? When I finally let you? Well, you’re going to earn it. And even then it might be ruined. Can you imagine? Getting to that precious orgasm after a month or two only to have it ruined and leaving you wanting more. Yes, I’m that evil. I’m that malicious. And I love it. Besides, you didn’t look me up cause you were looking for a nice girl, now did you?

The real question is, will you last? Will you be able to survive the extreme chastity torture that I give you? Will you be able to last that long? You don’t want to disappoint me. The consequences are dire. So you’ll just have to suffer!