Financial Domination Phone Sex Princess has returned!

It’s been so long since I have updated this thing. In all honesty it’s been so long since I’ve taken calls (until recently) that there wasn’t even any reason to. However, due to decisions that need no explaining to you, I’ve decided to jump back into the saddle and so here’s where I am. My first few days back have started out with a bang too. Nothing I like better than a forced intox sissy slut. He gets all high and puts on panties and becomes a total slut addicted to me. There’s nothing I like better in the world than a guy who can recognize a true Goddess and want to do nothing else in the world but to please her. Good looking out, sissy disciple! Keep up the worship.

I think I’m going to be working on some brainwashing audios that will really help my slaves and admirers get into the Goddess worship state of mind. Keep your eyes open for that. For right now? I’m happy to get back into phone calls and working on that Feeder fetish phone sex that you have come to know and love about me. I’m back, bitches!

Holiday Phone Sex In Full Swing

It’s been a little bit since my last post; you see, I was busy with being out of town for the holidays and preparing for said holidays. I had thought I might end up spending it by myself due to work circumstances for the mister, but he was able to be home, happily enough. So, that’s where I’ve been. Then I got gorgeous new years nails with my friend yesterday. I’m ready for the new year to come! How about you?

I’m very spoiled too! Got a new guess purse and wallet, coach perfume, a new pandora charm, a new guitar and the rocksmith game so I can learn to play, a whole bunch of bath and body works items in my favorite scent (velvet sugar), and a gorgeous new scarf. That’s among other things. So yeah, Christmas was good to me and I was good to my family and we had a joyous time together. Hope yours was fantastic, and I am still accepting gifts off my wish list!

Already today on my day back you have kept me busy! My silly diaperfag called for some humiliation phone sex, I had a good little idiot call for some financial domination and also had a feeder fetish bro call for some tummy stuffing advice. He’s gonna be a 300 lb cock sucker before mid year, I tell you! It’s going to be great.

I’ll be here most of the day. What are you down for?


Phone Sex Domination and Punishment

Hey kinky phone sex lovers,

Lots of news going on. My feeder fetish fattie called me this morning, rousing me out of my beauty sleep wanting some ideas for dietary choices. I sent him on his way to white castle to buy 2 of the family meal packs to scarf down for lunch, and to hit up a buffet for dinner. He was supposed to call me back to enjoy a midnight snack with me later but never did. Probably couldn’t reach the phone or a bag of doritos distracted him, hahahaha. Speaking of distractions, marky came back today full of apologies and explanations. And as all of you know there’s one thing that a Phone Sex Mistress doesn’t like, it’s apologies and explanations. We like our pathetic slaves to do right the first time, though we do know how hard it is to think with the big head when the “little head” is all dripping and swollen, isn’t that right marky?

Punishment for the bad little sluts
So, I’m having him cancel an appointment so he can worship me in about an hour and a half. I’m perfectly okay with this because it’s what I want. And what I want, I get. Speaking of that, it’s my birthday soon and you should already go ahead and start planning out what you are going to do for me, now shouldn’t you? that’s right. It’s going to be an epic celebration. Speaking of epic I must get ready for later. Going to be lots of edging and denial for one failure of a slave. Ta-ta!

Domination Phone Sex and How you Can Serve

Hey, stroker boys, sluts, and pay piggies!

It’s been an interesting summer thus far. Last night I got back into the swing of things by doing a long feeder fetish phone sex call with a big fattie who just needed humiliation. It was pretty damn fun. I hadn’t done one of those in a while. Forced intoxication and feeder fetish used to be some uncharted territory that I was proud of getting all up in. I need to do more of that! It’s kind of funny since before slave markie bitched out like a dirty whore, I was starving him at least once a week and limiting his caloric intake on other days. I have worked both ends of the spectrum, and I have to say that it is very fun.

Domination Phone Sex – Why Do So Many Sluts Love It?
I ask myself this question many times actually. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that domination phone sex is as popular as it is. It gives me an outlet to use and abuse many pathetic, worthless men that deserve it. However, it is just that. A lot of abuse, a lot of punishment, and a lot of service, devotion, and worship. While some sluts don’t feel complete unless they belong to a gorgeous Goddess (such as myself), some find it more satisfying to whore around and be used by a lot of different Mistresses. While I have used friends in my calls on occasion, I definitely feel that I’m a solo operation. I like being the Princess in charge of your worthless dicks and having you right where you belong, on your knees.

What you can do to serve your Mistress
A good slave takes orders and does not ask “Why?” A good slave is realistic and never makes promises or deals that he knows he will not keep. A good slave is open, honest, and communicative about what he is feeling, what is comfortable for him, and what goes beyond his reasonable limits. This is what I like to call the “model slave” though it is hard to aspire for … It’s funny how simple such tasks seem to me yet daunting for the average slave. I am looking for the above average slave to forge Mistress/slave relationships that transcend the telephone but go into total life management, giving up control to Me to make your simplest decisions.

Of course, those little sluts that come around and bounce from Goddess to Goddess? Well, I’ll take them too. Whichever type you are, give me a call. Let’s explore together.