Foot Fetish Phone Sex & Financial Domination

foot fetish phone sexIt’s been fun times for me the last few days! Traveled with the boy to Houston for his work, and I’ll be here in a swanky hotel suite for 3 weeks taking calls while he’s off doing his workly things. It’s been very lucrative for me thus far, especially yesterday. First off I had a fun call with my silly sissy tinkerbell and set up his webcam so people walking by could see. Which of course he loved! Then the rest of the day was spent catching up with an old foot slave that I hadn’t talked to in years!!

The thing that made this conversation so good and so fun was that he has this obsession with a girl, Jess, who he put me in contact with. Now she hasn’t talked to him in a while, but she definitely talked to me. We spent the better half of the afternoon draining his wallet and enticing him with foot pics. He tossed a few grand at us and I celebrated. He is supposed to be back today, and if he knows what’s good for him he will be. Besides, he hasn’t seen the droolworthy pics of this girl that I have. Unfortunately for him, those are gonna cost him! Financial Domination phone sex is so fun when the boys have big wallets and little brains. I love a good manipulation!

The best part of something like that is when you can incorporate foot fetish phone sex or some other specific fetish is that you can use it as a weapon for blackmail or just to drain that wallet further.

So, what’s your kinky fetish? I bet I can exploit it for my advantage, just like you know you secretly want me to.


Foot Fetish Phone Sex | Are you here to worship?

Every now and then, I’ll have guys who ask me what my favorite sex position is. Sometimes, they get all pouty when I say that I like having the guy on top because they think it’s boring, and they’re disappointed that I didn’t quote some bizarre position from the Kama Sutra. But they only think it’s boring because they don’t know the whole story, as it were. 😉

I’m not talking about missionary with the lights off. That IS boring. But I love it when a guy is on top, and he takes my legs, throws them over his shoulders, and pushes his cock inside me like that. It’s even better when he turns his head a little to kiss and lick and suck on my toes while he’s fucking me.

I know it’s not too common to run across a foot fetishist who also has a cock big enough for me to want to fuck, but it’s happened a couple of times. And when it does happen, I love putting his foot fetish to good use just like that!

But that’s one of those things that only happens once in a blue moon, so I don’t complain if I have to get my foot worship in a different way. I’ve trained a lot of footboys and foot slaves who call me in the right way of worshipping my feet, so it all works out. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or them, LOL!

What kind of foot fetish phone sex fantasies do you have?

Money Slaves, Blackmail, and Foot Fetish.

Today is my 26th birthday. This is cause for celebration on its own, but I have even bigger news. I’m going overseas, across the pond if you will, to have a certain special session with a certain special slave. He’s also sent over some payment for being such a dirty little boy and having both a ruined orgasm accident and a wet dream! No no no, no cumming unless -I- say! Do you understand? so that’s where we’re at there, a lot of money coming my way for a big trip with me and a lucky friend. I’m excited!

Also an old footsie slave and old friend have come out of nowhere, oh Jess it’s good to talk to you again. Nothing like some blackmail phone sex to get the blood pumping? Hell I never met a man with a foot fetish that I couldn’t turn into an addict =)