Financial Domination Phone Sex Princess has returned!

It’s been so long since I have updated this thing. In all honesty it’s been so long since I’ve taken calls (until recently) that there wasn’t even any reason to. However, due to decisions that need no explaining to you, I’ve decided to jump back into the saddle and so here’s where I am. My first few days back have started out with a bang too. Nothing I like better than a forced intox sissy slut. He gets all high and puts on panties and becomes a total slut addicted to me. There’s nothing I like better in the world than a guy who can recognize a true Goddess and want to do nothing else in the world but to please her. Good looking out, sissy disciple! Keep up the worship.

I think I’m going to be working on some brainwashing audios that will really help my slaves and admirers get into the Goddess worship state of mind. Keep your eyes open for that. For right now? I’m happy to get back into phone calls and working on that Feeder fetish phone sex that you have come to know and love about me. I’m back, bitches!

Forced intoxication and Stroker Drinking Game

Hey losers! It’s been a while since I recorded anything awesome for you, so here you go. This is a three-part stroking and drinking game. Can you make it all the way to the third part? I bet you Forced intoxication phone sex losers sure can. I’m looking at you. So go ahead, try it. It’s written and mp3 with a photo to drool over.


Slaves and Punishment – Phone Sex Gone Mean

So, I’m writing this blog entry because My slave marky wanted Me to blog about him. Good enough. I don’t think he’ll be expecting the subject matter though — what a little bitch he is for interrupting Me and Mr Alpha not once, but twice, in the last intercourses we’ll be having before he ships off for 3 weeks. I can tell you I was annoyed the first time, but livid the second. So he wants to be blogged about, oh I’ll blog about him. See, little marky just set Me off with that interruption. So now he’s going to be punished. I had given him a 1000 stroke and 500 pinch penalty the first time he did, but now he’s going to do 3000 strokes and 1000 pinches just for being that slave that can’t wait until he is told by his Mistress to do something. Full and total punishment … I just made him take a viagara and now he’s going to sit in tortured agony while he pinches and strokes. And stares at My beautiful photos, of course. And when it’s daylight outside? It’s going to be time for some financial domination in an ass raping sense.

I’ve made him cancel his plans today and not see his girlfriend just so he can stay home and suffer … Aren’t I a bitch? I know I am.

#1 Slave – devoted in princess domination

When slaves return, they really return! My slave marky has made a commitment to be my blackmail slave through the end of September. The awesome part? He replaced my dead computer, got me a new monitor, and is even buying my wedding dress. This is why he is my #1 slave and most other slaves just wish they could be this devoted. But when you are a Goddess as hot as I am, why wouldn’t you be this devoted? We’ve been getting him drunk with some forced intoxication phone sex and plenty of edging!

Ciao, bitches!

Domination Phone Sex and How you Can Serve

Hey, stroker boys, sluts, and pay piggies!

It’s been an interesting summer thus far. Last night I got back into the swing of things by doing a long feeder fetish phone sex call with a big fattie who just needed humiliation. It was pretty damn fun. I hadn’t done one of those in a while. Forced intoxication and feeder fetish used to be some uncharted territory that I was proud of getting all up in. I need to do more of that! It’s kind of funny since before slave markie bitched out like a dirty whore, I was starving him at least once a week and limiting his caloric intake on other days. I have worked both ends of the spectrum, and I have to say that it is very fun.

Domination Phone Sex – Why Do So Many Sluts Love It?
I ask myself this question many times actually. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that domination phone sex is as popular as it is. It gives me an outlet to use and abuse many pathetic, worthless men that deserve it. However, it is just that. A lot of abuse, a lot of punishment, and a lot of service, devotion, and worship. While some sluts don’t feel complete unless they belong to a gorgeous Goddess (such as myself), some find it more satisfying to whore around and be used by a lot of different Mistresses. While I have used friends in my calls on occasion, I definitely feel that I’m a solo operation. I like being the Princess in charge of your worthless dicks and having you right where you belong, on your knees.

What you can do to serve your Mistress
A good slave takes orders and does not ask “Why?” A good slave is realistic and never makes promises or deals that he knows he will not keep. A good slave is open, honest, and communicative about what he is feeling, what is comfortable for him, and what goes beyond his reasonable limits. This is what I like to call the “model slave” though it is hard to aspire for … It’s funny how simple such tasks seem to me yet daunting for the average slave. I am looking for the above average slave to forge Mistress/slave relationships that transcend the telephone but go into total life management, giving up control to Me to make your simplest decisions.

Of course, those little sluts that come around and bounce from Goddess to Goddess? Well, I’ll take them too. Whichever type you are, give me a call. Let’s explore together.