Domination Phone Sex Goddess teases you!

Well of course I do. That’s why you keep calling me for phone sex domination and dirty fetishy things like small penis humiliation and forced intoxication You fatties are asking for my super feeder diet plan (that’s $10 for a meal plan. Not extortionate but not free either). fuck, I love it. I miss my little financial pay piggies though. Guess I’m just gonna have to find some new ones. It’s hard keeping a Princess in the lifestyle that She deserves.

This song is pretty much how I feel about you little pay piggies

Long time, no talk to…

It’s been quite some time since I actually made a legitimate blog entry. I’ve been away from the game except a few choice clientele but now I’m back.
I have decided to open My phone lines once again to the public, since I know all of you sluts love some naughty, kinky domination phone sex. Fear not, My choice minions, I am here to guide you, to control your cock, to rule your thoughts and dreams and incite your very desires. This time, new and improved – with hypnosis! So, stay tuned and we’ll see where this can go.

Phone Sex Domination Rawr

hello out there, bitches and sluts. I am so sporatic about posting in this thing because My life is so busy. I wanted to just touch base and let you sluts know that it’s almost Christmas and nothing says Holiday cheer like spoiling your favorite Goddess. Gifts have already rolled in and more are coming, right slave marky? Yes, he’s still worshipping My sexy NEW photos he got first peek at. This is just one of them – and I’ve started draining his wallet once more and putting him on a big ole punishment schedule when he gets back… It’s good to be Princess! Also, in case you are looking for Me when My niteflirt is not logged in (which is usually since they fucked ME) I can be reached at 888 662 6482 just ask for Amelia.

Princess Update

I think NF has fixed most of their issues, other than us not having the features we’re used to having. I hope they will be fixed soon. today is a day for Princess celebration, though, because My devoted slave marky came back to Me. This in itself is proof that I am irresistable, perfection undisputed, and the absolute best out there. Addiction is imminent. Resistance is not allowed. Don’t you know this?

Hooray, happy day!

Finally moved!

Well, as you all know if you’ve been reading, I’ve been gearing up for a move and it finally happened. I am settled in Reno and busy unpacking and moving stuff around. It was a long, tiring and frustrating drive, but it’s over now and I am back to a normal routine. I am two hours earlier, however, which will be absolutely fantastic for some of you euros. I notice they have managed to try to singlehandedly fuck over Niteflirt while I was gone. Meh..

Just so you know, Most times on the weekend availability will still be sporadic. I want to get out and do things and will have some other stuff in the works. Tomorrow night, for instance, there’s a huge rib cook off and festival, and Johnny Lang is performing. I love the blues. Love it. So I’m going to go see him, and have some ribs for dinner. Maybe. Maybe I’ll just give it to the dogs, haha. I will try to update My availability to reflect in PST (Which I am in now).

So, in summary: I’m back, start serving. That is all.

Actually, I wanna know. Which of you fuckers is this?

New changes and Happiness and domination

My birthday was this weekend, and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Went to the Casino in Reno, and won a little change. Not a lot, but I figure that not losing at the casino is a good time, right? I had a blast too, and made some contacts that really just turned My life around. I’m ditching Atlanta (since I had some issues with that apartment anyway, no loss) and am going to Reno. I’m moving next week. Everything’s already packed, so why not, right? Found a place and am going to be travelling next week. THIS week, however, is gonna be balls to the wall Me here in your face all the time. With contests, fun times, picture pages, and stuff. And here are two pics for My adoring slave marky, who has sent me a total of 1240 beautiful pounds sterling, and here’s a little picture of what it looks like when I flash it all by My beautiful tits (bet he doesn’t’ even notice there’s money there, rofl). Don’t I look good covered in cash? hahahhahaha.

Been a long time.. sigh.

I know I haven’t updated this in forever, you losers dont’ have to point this out. Remember I was getting ready to move? Didn’t happen because I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. I am just getting My voice back sounding human, so that’s why I’ve been mostly inactive. So My move won’t happen ’till the end of the month, or maybe the month after, since I have to start all over with the apartment hunt. Everyone should bow to My will like you all do, that’s for damn sure. It’s a big inconvenience.

I am pretty much back on My REGULAR SCHEDULE (And perhaps some of you douches should take the time to read it).

And another thing. I do *NOT* do fucking blog entries on request.

Fucking Friday

Heyyyyyyyy My adoring slaves, My wonderful sluts, My devoted bitches! What’s up? It is almost 6a.m. and I am completely hyped up on coffee, so much that I cannot sleep. So I am going to ramble in My blog and talk about My week and what’s ahead. As you know if you have been reading at all, I am moving to Atlanta in 14 days. I hardly have anything packed, and I swear amazon delivers a new package or two EVERY day. Today I got three! My new barstools, My new home theater system, and My new bathroom set. Yesterday I got a new shower curtain and matching hand towels, a new coffeemaker and the pet stairs for My dog. Also this week I’ve gotten some new jewelry, very sparkly and pretty. I’m waiting on things that have been ordered: a new dresser, shower curtain rings, and a few other things for My new palace. Want to help My moving? Of course you do.
There you go. Click that, click it several times, and make Princess very happy. My schedule is going to be strange, strange, strange until I am in Atlanta. And My father might actually be staying at My palace the first few days I am in Atlanta. I do not hide what I do here on Niteflirt from him, but I won’t be doing anything overly perverted and brash on the phone. I’ll still be available via mail, IM (for those of you lucky to have My messenger information), and via limited phone ability. It’s still not 100% certain that he’ll be coming and/or staying. But just a heads up. I will probably disappear on Jul 30, and be gone until that following Monday for sure. Don’t worry. I’m still here.

slave marky did some fun torture with a new PPV mail game. I want to play it with some more of you freaks. It was a lot of fun! If you like mail games, ask Me about it. I have been twittering a lot more lately, so make sure you Follow Me on Twitter to keep up with instant updates.

More later.