The Rules

1. The Princess is always right. This means just that. What I say goes, final. No whining, no arguing, no insisting that you know better. If you do, see rule 2.
2. No second chances. If you fuck up and annoy Me, do something to piss Me off, or god forbid lie to Me, you’re done. If you miss an appointment, break an agreement, or otherwise back out on a promise, there will be no apologizing and making your way into My good graces again. Once you’re done, you’re done, so think about that.
3. Don’t ask for Real Time Meetings. It’s not gonna happen. No fucking way am I going to -ever- meet you in person and dominate you. I have better things to do with My time. Yes, I do R/t but not with slaves I meet off the Internet. I am wayyy too picky to just pick some random douchebag to be around. Why do I bother on Niteflirt you might ask? Because I don’t have to be in the same room with you weaklings. you flock to Me because you know that I am way too good for you, that you could never, ever have Me. you flock to Me because I give you the humiliation you deserve, and as long as it’s via the phone and internet, that’s just fine with Me.

I will be adding to this page as I see fit, so check back often, losers.

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