CBT Phone Sex: Cock-Torturing And Ballbusting!

cbt phone sex
So I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some CBT phone sex today. Honestly, though, I don’t care if you’re in the mood for it or not. You’re here, and your dick is pathetic, so that’s a good enough reason to let you have it.

CBT phone sex, in case you didn’t know already, stands for Cock & Ball Torture phone sex. In my world, I generally reserve it for either painsluts and masochists who make the mistake of begging me for it or for those of you with cocks that qualify for small penis humiliation phone sex. Not all of my SPH phone sex calls turn into CBT calls, but some do, so you can never quite be sure of what you’re getting into….

CBT Phone Sex Is So Fun For Me

I really enjoy punishing and torturing losers’ dicks. And your dick is a loser dick if it’s less than seven inches, and even that is pushing it. Your dick is also a loser dick if it’s ten inches, and you’re still begging me for CBT phone sex. Only losers want their dick tortured, so there.

I like using all sorts of household objects to torture your cock and balls. Things like wooden spoons, hairbrushes, hair ties, shoestrings, clothespins, etc., etc. are good for tormenting cocks and balls. Plus, you can use books, drawers, and even toilet seats if you want to be really humiliating about it along with it just being painful!

Ballbusting Is My Passion

Ballbusting phone sex is something that falls under the CBT phone sex umbrella that I also really love. It’s so much fun having a guy strip naked and stand in front of me with his legs spread apart. I might even have him bend over forward a little so that his balls really dangle. And then, I take my knee and knee him right in the balls! Or maybe I’ll take my foot and kick him! It just depends on what I’m feeling at the moment in question, but either way, I just adore ballbusting.

It’s one of those things that reminds subs of their place in relation to me. They mean nothing to me, and I remind them of that by kicking them in the nuts. It’s so much fun!

Try It With Your Femdom Princess

I know you are probably aching to try CBT phone sex with me because you’re such a dumbass that you can turn that kind of pain into something sexually pleasurable. But if you think you can handle me and my wicked ballbusting ways, you’re more than welcome to try. I love getting my talons into a new CBT freak, after all.

Before you call me for CBT phone sex, though, you’re going to need to gather together everything you can use for it. If you have any toys specifically made for CBT, bring those. If you have any household objects that can be perverted for that purpose, bring those, too. Use your imagination. You’d be surprised at all the things you can find in your home or office that can be used for CBT.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to experience CBT and ballbusting with your favorite domination phone sex Princess, Princess Amelia, you know what to do. You just need to click one of the buttons below to come and get your extremely painful session with me. I can’t wait to torture you and make you cry, so don’t keep me waiting for too long. The longer I have to wait to torment you, the worse it’s going to be on you. So it would behoove you to hurry up and click as soon as possible.

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Nylon Fetish Phone Sex: Fall Into The Clutches Of A Nylon Tease

nylon fetish phone sex
Yo, nylon fetish phone sex losers! I see you looking at me. I see you staring every time I wear my stockings. Do you think I’m not smart enough to notice you drooling all over yourself as you gaze at my nylon-clad legs? Ha! I’d know a nylon fetish phone sex loser like you from a mile away.

Being A Nylon Tease

You’ve never met anyone like me. First of all, I’m beautiful and perfect, so write that down and don’t forget it. Secondly, nobody understands your stocking fetish phone sex obsession quite like I do. And thirdly, even if they did understand it, they wouldn’t use it against you like I’m planning on doing.

Some women are afraid of that sort of thing. Me? I have no such qualms.

Nylon tease phone sex is so much fun. It’s so easy just to sit down in front of you, show a little gam, double cross my perfect nylon-clad legs–once at the knee, once at the ankle–and drive you absolutely mad. In that shape, you’ll do absolutely anything I want, and that’s the way I want you!

Stocking Fetish Tease And Denial

There will be a lot of teasing going on, for sure, during our nylon fetish phone sex call. But don’t think it’s going to pay off for you at the end because it absolutely isn’t. I don’t allow losers to orgasm in my presence, after all, and being on the phone with me counts as being in my presence. So go ahead and resign yourself to the denial that’s coming.

But I know how losers’ minds work. Even though I tell you that, you won’t believe me. You’ll think you’re so special that you’ll somehow manage to get me to let you cum. Hope springs eternal, after all. But I’m telling you right now, you’re barking up the wrong tree. If you’re disappointed at the end, you’ve only yourself to blame because I straight-up told you I was leaving you with blue balls.

That being said, if you enjoy tease and denial phone sex because you know you’re such a loser that you don’t deserve anything else, then you might be on to something. You might actually get something out of this little tease and denial nylon fetish phone sex session, after all.

Let’s Talk About Your Nylon Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy

Well, I’ve already told you how it’s going to go. I’m going to tease you with my stocking-clad feet and legs. You’re going to get all worked up and stupid, and I’m going to leave you high and dry with no orgasm in sight. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But I admit I’m curious about how you would like for a nylon fetish phone sex fantasy with me to go. If your answer involves an orgasm, I’m going to go ahead and tell you it’s not going to come true. But if you have other ideas about how to tease you more effectively and how to utterly crush your hopes of having an orgasm, then I’m all ears.

I know you’re dying to experience nylon fetish phone sex with your one and only Wicked Phone Addiction, Princess Amelia. So I’ll not tarry much longer to keep from preventing you from calling. I’m just going to tell you that in order to talk to me, you must click one of the buttons below and follow the instructions that pop up. Then, after you’ve done that, you’ll soon be connected with your Princess.

I look forward to totally fucking you up with your own nylon fetish, so go ahead and give me a call.

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Forced Intox Phone Sex: Let Me Fuck You Up!

forced intox phone sex
Hey there, forced intox phone sex losers! Are you ready to get fucked up and make a total ass of yourself today for my amusement? If so, you’re in the right place! But if not, you can’t handle me, so I suggest you go elsewhere.

Still with me? Excellent. Time for us to see just exactly what you’ll do for me when you’re completely out of your mind. I can’t wait.

Forced Intox Phone Sex Breeds Humiliation

Of course, it almost goes without saying that you’ll be humiliating yourself for my entertainment once you get drunk or high or stoned with whatever you poison you choose. I love humiliation phone sex under any and all circumstances, so of course I wouldn’t neglect it now. There are so many opportunities for you to humiliate yourself for me while you’re all fucked up, after all.

Maybe I’ll have you say or do humiliating and degrading things for me. Maybe I’ll make you tell me about other ways you’ve managed to make an ass of yourself in the past, whether sober or not sober. Oh, there are just so many options, really.

Forced Intoxication Leads To Blackmail

But the real reason I want you all fucked up is not just to entertain me, although that *is* pretty amusing. I want you all fucked up so that you’re not watching what you say around me. You know I’m a blackmail phone sex Princess, and you know you should be careful. But you just can’t resist telling me a little, can you? And soon a little turns into a lot, and then you learn why loose lips sink ships, as they say.

This is yet another reason I love forced intox phone sex so much. It makes it so easy to get information out of you to use against you later. I don’t even have to pry. Just an “innocent” question here and there, and you’re spilling everything you’ve ever known to me. I love that shit!

And Of Course Blackmail Leads To Financial Domination

If forced intox phone sex leads to humiliation and blackmail, then what does humiliation and blackmail lead to? Why, finanacial domination phone sex, of course. What else could it possibly lead to? That’s how blackmail works, after all.

I get information you don’t actually want me to have, and I use it against you. You try to get me to promise not to tell anyone, but my silence comes with a price, my friend. And my silence is never guaranteed. Should someone come along with more money than you to buy the information I have, well…I guess you’re just shit out of luck, aren’t you?

But that’s just how financial domination and forced intox phone sex work. It’s the chance you take when you submit to your phone sex Princess. You should’ve known better than to let yourself fall under my spell. But you did, and now it’s too late. Oops.

So if you’re ready for this Femdom phone sex Goddess to absolutely rock your world in every sense of the term, you know what to do. Click one of the buttons below to give me, Princess Amelia, a call for some forced intoxication phone sex. You’ll regret every moment of it after it’s over, but absolutely nothing will ever be as exhilarating in the moment. So learn to deal with the disappointment because you’ll never have a high like this again.

Talk to you soon. Better start clicking right now.

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Panty Sniffing Phone Sex: How To Get Blackmailed And Rinsed

panty sniffing phone sex
So you’re the panty sniffing phone sex loser who keeps going through my basket full of dirty clothes, huh? What exactly were you hoping to accomplish here? I mean, sure, you may have managed to get off a couple of times, but you had to know that eventually, you were gonna get caught. And just what exactly did you think you were going to do then?

Panty Sniffing Phone Sex Morons Get Humiliated

Of course, I’m going to laugh at you for being such an idiot and a loser for your panty sniffing phone sex proclivities. But more than that, I’m also just going to give you humiliation phone sex in general because you fucking deserve it! No self-respecting man would be rummaging around in my dirty clothes basket just to get a whiff of my pussy. He’d be wining me and dining me and buying me nice things to make sure he could share my bed and taste my pussy *that* way. But, no, you took the loser’s way–the coward’s way!–because you knew you were too much of a pathetic fuck to get it any other way.

They Also Get Blackmail!

Don’t think this panty sniffing phone sex call stops at me simply humiliating you, either. There’s going to be a lot more to it than that, I can assure you. I’m thinking a little blackmail phone sex wouldn’t be out of place. I mean, could you imagine what might happen if your wife or girlfriend…or boss…or mom knew you liked sniffing girls’ dirty panties? That could be devastating…for you.

Because of your stupidity, I am now your Femdom phone sex Goddess, and you will answer to me and me alone. And with that comes the aforementioned blackmail. And with blackmail comes–you guessed it–financial domination phone sex. Quite the predicament you’ve gotten yourself into with your thing for panty sniffing phone sex, huh?

Oh, well, too bad for you, I guess. But me, I view this as an opportunity–an opportunity for me to part a fool and his money!

It All Comes Back To Financial Domination With Me

You had to know this was where this was headed. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if you were seeking wallet rape phone sex the instant you set out on this little venture. There was no way you didn’t know you’d eventually get caught, and there’s no way you didn’t know what would happen when you were. So I think you were trying to become my little pay piggy, my little human ATM, by doing this whole panty sniffing phone sex thing.

And so it goes, from panty sniffing, to blackmail, to financial domination. You got what you wanted, slut. Now that you’ve made your bed, you can have fun lying in it, I suppose.

Tease And Denial And Blackmail For You!

Of course, the most fun part of this is letting you keep the panties you stole. I can have you jerk off with them any time I want when I’m in the mood for some tease and denial phone sex. And, yes, this will be heavy on the denial. I’ll let you sniff and jerk, but an orgasm? I think not.

So if you’re ready for some blackmail and panty sniffing phone sex adventures, you know what to do. Just click one of the buttons below to be busted on your panty sniffing quest, blackmailed, teased, denied, and rinsed of every drop of your cash. I can’t wait to get started on you, so go ahead and start clicking!

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Chastity Phone Sex: Orgasm Denial Is All You Deserve

chastity phone sex
So you’ve come to me as a chastity phone sex loser, in hopes that I’ll have some mercy on you and let you out for a little while. Ha! You have got to be kidding me. There’s no way you’re ever getting out of that device, now that you’re in it!

Male chastity phone sex is what’s good for you. Trust me, I know these things. And even if it’s not good for you–even though it is–believe me when I say it’s best for any of the women you may encounter. Why, you ask? Well, I will be happy to tell you.

A Male Chastity Device Is Where You Need To Be

A small cock like yours deserves to be in chastity, not only as a humiliation tool, but as a way to keep you from disappointing any women you run across. If you don’t totally turn off a woman with your revolting personality and somehow manage to get her into your bedroom, she’ll be thwarted by your chastity device. And that’s good for her because that device will save her a load of trouble and effort for absolutely nothing.

We both know you have a tiny penis that’s only worthy of small penis humiliation phone sex, but some poor, random girl you picked up in a bar doesn’t know that (yet). She’s also not aware of your premature ejaculation problem or your difficulties getting and staying hard. Your erectile dysfunction does not need to be her problem, so I’m saving her the trouble of dealing with your dumb ass by locking your dick up. The end. She’ll end up thanking me later, when she finds a real man to fuck instead.

A Pussy-Free Life Full Of Orgasm Denial

All a loser like you deserves is a totally pussy-free life full of nothing but orgasm denial phone sex at every turn. But don’t think we’ll be ignoring that tiny shrimp altogether. I love SPH phone sex mixed with tease and denial phone sex. So when you put your chaste ass in my hands, you can definitely expect a lot of those two things.

I’ll laugh at you and your pathetic, locked-up clitty while I tease you and make you so painfully hard in your cock cage. Of course, you won’t be able to do anything about being hard because I’m the one who holds your key….

Your Chastity Phone Sex Keyholder

And as your keyholder, I’m here to tell you that your ass is never getting out! Nope, it doesn’t matter how much you beg. So if you want to make an ass of yourself pleading with me, you can, but it’ll be pointless. Better to keep your mouth shut and try to salvage at least a tiny bit of dignity.

Chastity phone sex is your destiny, and, if we’re honest, it’s also your secret desire. You know you don’t need to disappoint any more women. You know you deserve a pussy-free and orgasm-free life. So chastity phone sex is the only thing you’re worthy of!

So just go ahead and give in. Come and get the humiliation and chastity phone sex you know you deserve. All you have to do is give me, Princess Amelia, a call by clicking one of the buttons below. Simply follow the instructions that pop up–and they’re easy enough that an idiot like you can manage to do what you’re told without fucking it up–and you’ll be connected with your Princess in no time. I can’t wait to take control of your caged cock, so don’t keep me waiting!

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Blackmail Phone Sex: Fuck You, Pay Me!

blackmail phone sex
Hello to all you blackmail phone sex addicts out there. And, yes, I’m calling you addicts because you desperately need to be blackmailed by a beautiful Princess like myself, and you’ll go to absolutely stupid lengths to get it. So that qualifies you as an addict, in my book.

Of course, all my admirers become addicted to me in the end, but that’s a blog post for another day. For today, strap in because I’m about to take you for a ride through this little piggy’s blackmail phone sex session he had with me the other day. I think you’ll enjoy his story. You’re welcome.

He Asked For Humiliation

This loser called me up on my humiliation phone sex line, telling me how pathetic he was. I said, “Yes, I know you’re pathetic, or you wouldn’t be calling me. But you need to tell me *what* makes you so pathetic because I deserve to know what kind of loser I’m dealing with today.”

He was very happy to disclose the cause of his loserdom.

He told me how he was soooooooo obsessed with his ex-girlfriend and how he finds himself on her Instagram and other social media profiles all the time. He just can’t let go, despite the fact that she dumped him for a guy with a bigger cock and a bigger wallet. In fact, he’s such a loser that he jerks off to the idea of her fucking this other guy constantly. Cuckold phone sex, anyone? LOL!

He Got Blackmail Phone Sex, More Than He Bargained For!

Of course, I was happy to give him the humiliation he wanted, but I knew this thing could be so much more. I hadn’t had a blackmail phone sex call in a little while, and I had been craving one. I knew this could easily turn into blackmail phone sex, so I started “innocently” asking him questions.

It wasn’t long before I knew everything I needed to know in order to blackmail this loser. So of course, I set to work doing that exact thing!

I had his ex’s name, her new boyfriend’s name, where they both worked, and what city they lived in. This, obviously, is more than enough information to get in touch with her. I didn’t even need a phone number because social media exists. So I started with the blackmail phone sex.

Scared Piggy Pays Up

He got scared so fast and started agreeing to anything I said. He was happy to accept the humiliation that I doled out between blackmail phone sex demands. He was also happy to pull out his wallet and pay up, to ensure that I didn’t contact his ex or her new boyfriend and tell them about his newfound…proclivities.

Our little humiliation session quickly turned into a financial domination phone sex call, all through the use of blackmail! It’s such a useful tool. I recommend it to every Femdom Mistress out there!

Can You Handle Financial Domination And Blackmail?

So that whole thing worked out really well for me and my bank account. Just a little of me pretending like I cared about this guy and his problems netted me quite a bit of cash in the end.

If you’re a blackmail phone sex addict, why not give me a try? I’m sure you can handle it, right? You’re such a strong guy and all, lolololol.

Come on, loser. Get what you so desperately crave. Call Princess Amelia now for your blackmail phone sex fantasy. All you have to do is click one of the buttons below, call me, and ‘fess up. I can’t wait to get my talons in you!

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Financial Domination Phone Sex: Fucking Over Pay Piggies!

financial domination phone sex
Financial domination phone sex is something that all little pay piggies like you absolutely crave. And that’s a good thing because I’m planning on draining your wallets for everything you’re worth, whether you like it or not. So I guess it’s better for you than you can eroticize being robbed blind by a beautiful woman!

Financial Domination Phone Sex For Pay Piggies

Pay piggy phone sex is among life’s ultimate pleasures for me. It’s so fun making you idiots squeal. And simple, too. You’re powerless in the hands of a Princess like me. So you’ll roll over and empty your bank account for me anytime I please. And believe me, I do please quite often!

I want to take everything you own. I don’t want to leave you with anything. If you starve to death under an overpass, well, that sounds like a you problem, not a me problem. You got what you deserved in that case.

Human ATMs Are Only Good For Their Money

So why do you think I have such contempt for the human ATMs of the world like you? Oh, it’s mostly because you’re fucking idiots. A man who had a spine would never let a bratty Princess like me take him on a ride and rinse him the way I’m planning on rinsing you. But you have no spine, do you? And tiny balls, to boot. You’re just waiting for the right woman to grab you and end you.

That’s ok, though. I would never treat a real man with the sort of reckless disdain I treat you with. Mostly because he wouldn’t deserve it. But you…you’re a pathetic, weak, piggy loser who deserves nothing better than to be laughed at and degraded for your stupid kink of giving all your cash to a hot woman you’d never stand a chance with…who, in fact, thinks of you with nothing but derision.

Humiliation Phone Sex Is In Your Future

So what can you expect when you call me for financial domination phone sex? Well, besides getting your wallet drained, that is. You can also expect plenty of humiliation phone sex to go along with your wallet abuse. You deserve nothing better.

A Femdom phone sex Goddess like me would never trouble herself with the thoughts of a pay pig slave like you. So honestly, I don’t care what you think about all this. It’s going to happen, whether you want it to or not, because you’re powerless to resist it. That’s what a Wicked Phone Addiction is, after all.

Wallet Slaves, Apply Here

So if you’re ready to give up your life and dedicate it to my service, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Nothing will be yours. It’ll all be mine. And I’m a greedy, insatiable financial domination phone sex Princess who will never be satisfied, no matter what you do. I’ll always be saying, “More, more, more.”

So if that’s something you want to resign yourself to, a life of devotion and service to someone who sees you as something less than human, well, that’s on you. Go for it, loser. Click one of the buttons below to give me, Princess Amelia, a call for your first financial domination phone sex session with me. It certainly won’t be your last.

I can’t wait to get started fucking you over and dragging you for filth, so don’t keep me waiting. The longer I have to wait, the worse it’s gonna be on you. So better start clicking right now!

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Chastity Phone Sex with a Kinky Tease

You know what I love? A man who knows his place. One of my favorite things is chastity phone sex – especially when my subject has his very own cock cage already! I talked to an old phone buddy who in the few years since I talked to him has evolved somewhat! Now he has gone from sweet hot and dirty Phone sex (which he was pretty good at, if I recall correctly – and I always do) to kinky domination, bondage and chastity. He’s got his cage ordered and when he gets it, I’m going to be the keyholder! I can’t wait!!

I love being a dirty kinky chastity tease like that. When you lock up with me, a week isn’t going to cut it. We’ll get you going wayyy longer than that. And when you release? When I finally let you? Well, you’re going to earn it. And even then it might be ruined. Can you imagine? Getting to that precious orgasm after a month or two only to have it ruined and leaving you wanting more. Yes, I’m that evil. I’m that malicious. And I love it. Besides, you didn’t look me up cause you were looking for a nice girl, now did you?

The real question is, will you last? Will you be able to survive the extreme chastity torture that I give you? Will you be able to last that long? You don’t want to disappoint me. The consequences are dire. So you’ll just have to suffer!

New Look and Feel, Same Phone Sex Princess

Within the past month I’ve made my full return to Niteflirt doing domination phone sex, and I can tell you — it took me being away to see just how much I really missed it. There have been all kinds of callers during my return, and even one lowly slave who has managed to start poking around my yahoo box again. We haven’t hooked up yet, but I bet before the week’s over I will have heard from him again. So come on out of hiding and say hello . . . I know you’re lurking around, my addicted brainwashed slave.

That’s the thing I love most about financial domination phone sex. I can get you so twisted up in addiction that you can’t even stop. You may go a few months without a hit – you might even try some inferior drug to help take the place, but what you need to understand is that I’m no gateway drug. I’m the real thing, the end game, and once you’ve had a taste of me, nothing else is going to seem as sweet. Try as you might to lose the taste for the particular brand of torment I dish out, but you’ll never get away from it fully … just ask my slaves that have tried. They always come back. And when they do, I’m there, as addictive as before, ready to welcome them and their wallets back with a wicked smile.

Yes, that’s what you new, potential victims have to look forward to.

Phone Sex Princess Decree

I am not to be fucked with.

I repeat: I am not to be fucked with. I am many things — I am more generous than you really deserve, both with understanding and My time. I don’t punish slaves for having real-world issues, and I am fairly lenient where family obligations and realm of responsibility comes into play. I have extended services to slaves on their good word after a long servitude relationship has been established, and rarely have they not made good on it.

However, when I feel that this is being abused, I can take it away just as easily.

This is just a warning post. Goddess giveth, and Goddess taketh away. Don’t mistake My lenience for weakness. And I will only allow so many transgressions before I start purging. I don’t care how long you’ve been worshiping Me. I will not be disrespected, ever.