Spoil your Cuckold Phone Sex Princess

You know what the greatest thing is to me about cuckold phone sex? The potential for me to drain hundreds and thousands of dollars from my cucks’ wallets.

What, you didn’t think I was going to say something like, “The opportunity to better my cuck’s life” or something equally ridiculous, did you? Surely, you know me better than that.

No, what I love most about cucks is their willingness to spend money to support their little fetish. And that makes it perfect for me, getting paid to do what I would do, anyway, which is cheat on them because their little dicks do absolutely nothing for me.

But you have to understand that I am a high-maintenance phone sex Princess. I don’t wear the same outfit on a date twice. I don’t cycle through the same two or three sets of sheets with each hookup. I don’t go anywhere without my hair and nails perfectly done. That’s what people who can’t do any better do. But I *can* do better, so I *will*!

All my cuckolds should be prepared to shell out money to buy me decadent sheets for my bed, to buy me sexy outfits, to buy me nice personal care items, to pay for my hair and nail appointments. Then, they should also be prepared to pay for my dates, too. Princess doesn’t pay for ANYTHING, and neither does her bull. That responsibility lies squarely on cucky’s shoulders. Get used to it.

So if you’ve been wondering exactly how financial domination phone sex goes with cuckolding, this is just a short summary of the way it works. Be prepared to be both totally fucked and not fucked at all if you want to play with me!

Now, what are you waiting for? Call.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex At Its Finest

Today I want to talk to you about a fun little thing I like to call small penis humiliation phone sex. It’s super fun (for me) and quite entertaining! It usually works out like this. The caller, let’s call him “you“, will call me and talk about how little your dick is. Now this could go a few different ways. Either A) you outright know your cock is pathetic and so you truthfully declare its size (usually less than 4 inches, lol) and take your verbal humiliation like the tiny cocked whore you know you are. B) you think you’re perfectly adequate and I have to break you from your denial. (size is still the same, sometimes they try to stretch to 5 which is still 100% unacceptable) To be honest, these are the most fun calls for me because I get to break your spirit. Here you are, delusional in your thoughts that you actually could ever please a woman, and I come along and explain exactly why a woman would never get off on a dick that small – and if she said she did, she was lying to be nice.

You don’t ever have to worry about me being “nice.” I’m blunt. I’m real and I’m honest. It’s ok though because that’s what you called me for. If you wanted some girl to moan and fake like she liked your dick, you’d pick someone sweet and kind who played the sympathetic girlfriend: “oh no, it’s not too small! It’s not the size but how you use it!” LOL! HAH! LMAO!! NO. It is definitely the size. If you use something that’s physically unable to fill up a pussy, no matter how you use it it’s not going to please anyone but yourself. And I have 0 incentive to play with a dick that gives me no pleasure. 8 inches or above here. I have stringent requirements and that’s what makes me so good at SPH phone sex – I don’t bend or break at all. I’m not going to sugar coat anything I say. That’s what you’ll receive every time.

Not only do I have a strict size requirement I have a great sense of humor! I love laughing and laughing at your little dick. The smaller that pathetic cock is, the more I’m going to laugh at you. And tell you about the nice 9 inch cock I get to fuck nightly. We’ll probably do the math to see how many of your cocks it would take to make one of his! My guess it’ll be at least 2 and a half. It won’t take you long to understand why I am the reigning queen of humiliation phone sex and if you don’t watch yourself I might make you cry (which of course will just make me laugh more)!


Princess Pampering and Spoiled Princess Life

Anyone who’s done a domination phone sex session with me knows that I’m quite different. I’m not a yeller and screamer, and my demands are usually spoken in a much quieter yet equally demanding way. I take pride in knowing that I can extract what I want with a soft, stern tone rather than terrifying scare tactics that stress everyone out. While I am demanding in my own right, I can promise the ways that I emasculate you will be much different than your garden variety phone sex dominatrix.

Trying a session with me will be only your first step into addiction. Want to know more? Give me a call and experience life.


Financial Domination Phone Sex Princess has returned!

It’s been so long since I have updated this thing. In all honesty it’s been so long since I’ve taken calls (until recently) that there wasn’t even any reason to. However, due to decisions that need no explaining to you, I’ve decided to jump back into the saddle and so here’s where I am. My first few days back have started out with a bang too. Nothing I like better than a forced intox sissy slut. He gets all high and puts on panties and becomes a total slut addicted to me. There’s nothing I like better in the world than a guy who can recognize a true Goddess and want to do nothing else in the world but to please her. Good looking out, sissy disciple! Keep up the worship.

I think I’m going to be working on some brainwashing audios that will really help my slaves and admirers get into the Goddess worship state of mind. Keep your eyes open for that. For right now? I’m happy to get back into phone calls and working on that Feeder fetish phone sex that you have come to know and love about me. I’m back, bitches!

Chastity Phone Sex With a Kinky Tease

You know what I love? A man who knows his place. One of my favorite things is chastity phone sex – especially when my subject has his very own cock cage already! I talked to an old phone buddy who in the few years since I talked to him has evolved somewhat! Now he has gone from sweet hot and dirty Phone sex (which he was pretty good at, if I recall correctly – and I always do) to kinky domination, bondage and chastity. He’s got his cage ordered and when he gets it, I’m going to be the keyholder! I can’t wait!!

I love being a dirty kinky chastity tease like that. When you lock up with me, a week isn’t going to cut it. We’ll get you going wayyy longer than that. And when you release? When I finally let you? Well, you’re going to earn it. And even then it might be ruined. Can you imagine? Getting to that precious orgasm after a month or two only to have it ruined and leaving you wanting more. Yes, I’m that evil. I’m that malicious. And I love it. Besides, you didn’t look me up cause you were looking for a nice girl, now did you?

The real question is, will you last? Will you be able to survive the extreme chastity torture that I give you? Will you be able to last that long? You don’t want to disappoint me. The consequences are dire. So you’ll just have to suffer!

Holiday Phone Sex In Full Swing

It’s been a little bit since my last post; you see, I was busy with being out of town for the holidays and preparing for said holidays. I had thought I might end up spending it by myself due to work circumstances for the mister, but he was able to be home, happily enough. So, that’s where I’ve been. Then I got gorgeous new years nails with my friend yesterday. I’m ready for the new year to come! How about you?

I’m very spoiled too! Got a new guess purse and wallet, coach perfume, a new pandora charm, a new guitar and the rocksmith game so I can learn to play, a whole bunch of bath and body works items in my favorite scent (velvet sugar), and a gorgeous new scarf. That’s among other things. So yeah, Christmas was good to me and I was good to my family and we had a joyous time together. Hope yours was fantastic, and I am still accepting gifts off my wish list!

Already today on my day back you have kept me busy! My silly diaperfag called for some humiliation phone sex, I had a good little idiot call for some financial domination and also had a feeder fetish bro call for some tummy stuffing advice. He’s gonna be a 300 lb cock sucker before mid year, I tell you! It’s going to be great.

I’ll be here most of the day. What are you down for?


Foot Fetish Phone Sex & Financial Domination

foot fetish phone sexIt’s been fun times for me the last few days! Traveled with the boy to Houston for his work, and I’ll be here in a swanky hotel suite for 3 weeks taking calls while he’s off doing his workly things. It’s been very lucrative for me thus far, especially yesterday. First off I had a fun call with my silly sissy tinkerbell and set up his webcam so people walking by could see. Which of course he loved! Then the rest of the day was spent catching up with an old foot slave that I hadn’t talked to in years!!

The thing that made this conversation so good and so fun was that he has this obsession with a girl, Jess, who he put me in contact with. Now she hasn’t talked to him in a while, but she definitely talked to me. We spent the better half of the afternoon draining his wallet and enticing him with foot pics. He tossed a few grand at us and I celebrated. He is supposed to be back today, and if he knows what’s good for him he will be. Besides, he hasn’t seen the droolworthy pics of this girl that I have. Unfortunately for him, those are gonna cost him! Financial Domination phone sex is so fun when the boys have big wallets and little brains. I love a good manipulation!

The best part of something like that is when you can incorporate foot fetish phone sex or some other specific fetish is that you can use it as a weapon for blackmail or just to drain that wallet further.

So, what’s your kinky fetish? I bet I can exploit it for my advantage, just like you know you secretly want me to.


Thankful for Domination Phone Sex

Hey there losers and bitches! This spoiled financial domination phone sex princess has plenty to be thankful for this year. Let’s start off with the obvious. I’m thankful that I get to spend my days abusing and using lesser men who love to bend to my will. I am thankful that I have met a few awesome ladies too that I call my genuine friends from being in the phone sex industry. I’m super thankful for all the awesome presents you boys have spoiled me with not only this year, but in past years. I have not wanted for much and that keeps your Princess happy. Most importantly, I’m thankful for being made as perfectly as I am. Domination phone sex comes naturally to me – what can I say? I have a talent and I love using it on you. You all are in my near future plans, as well.

As the holidays seem to speed by anymore, before we know it New Year’s will be here and of course that’s a time for making resolutions. I don’t tend to make many resolutions as I’m fairly perfect as I am, but I do have a few that are related to this site, what I do, and of course – all my adoring fans out there. First off, I’m going to make new and more recordings (that will start before the year’s end, I can only hope!) to put out. I’m going to be more available and try to extend my hours more. This probably won’t happen until after the new year, but there are good reasons for that. And most importantly? Keeping lines of communication open. Email, Twitter, IM messaging – all of this will be on and going when I am taking calls, and sometimes when I’m not.

These are just a few of the things I have planned. Tell me about your holiday season so far. Tired of turkey? ready to serve?

New Look and Feel, New Phone Sex Princess

Within the past month I’ve made my full return to Niteflirt doing domination phone sex, and I can tell you — it took me being away to see just how much I really missed it. There have been all kinds of callers during my return, and even one lowly slave who has managed to start poking around my yahoo box again. We haven’t hooked up yet, but I bet before the week’s over I will have heard from him again. So come on out of hiding and say hello . . . I know you’re lurking around, my addicted brainwashed slave.

That’s the thing I love most about financial domination phone sex. I can get you so twisted up in addiction that you can’t even stop. You may go a few months without a hit – you might even try some inferior drug to help take the place, but what you need to understand is that I’m no gateway drug. I’m the real thing, the end game, and once you’ve had a taste of me, nothing else is going to seem as sweet. Try as you might to lose the taste for the particular brand of torment I dish out, but you’ll never get away from it fully … just ask my slaves that have tried. They always come back. And when they do, I’m there, as addictive as before, ready to welcome them and their wallets back with a wicked smile.

Yes, that’s what you new, potential victims have to look forward to.

Forced intoxication and Stroker Drinking Game

Hey losers! It’s been a while since I recorded anything awesome for you, so here you go. This is a three-part stroking and drinking game. Can you make it all the way to the third part? I bet you Forced intoxication phone sex losers sure can. I’m looking at you. So go ahead, try it. It’s written and mp3 with a photo to drool over.


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